A Different Approach

I hear the whole he’s our coach and just deal with it thing. And, I’ve heard those who just say get behind whoever we chose. Nope, I choose to question the people above us and not get behind just anyone. I am not going to hate Chizik. But rather than just doing that, I’m going to build a list of coordinators that would make a great group under him. I am going to support this new coach regardless but I decided why not come with some people that I think make up a good list. Then, I’m going to apply for the Auburn Athletic Director Job. No, I won’t get it I am in the real world. However, I am going to do something about it, as idle and useless as it may seem. I’m not into accepting things and hoping for the best, I’m into doing the best I can with what I have.


Now, let me get started with the Offesnvie side of the ball since it seems like Chizik has the defensive side of the ball under control. If he doesn't, we're in a lot worse shape than what I thought.

1. Offensive Coordinator

A) Tuner Gill. Yes, I know he is truly head coach material but he's not a bad choice at this position. Plus, Doing well as an SEC coordinator will make him even more of a high commodity than before and he could demand lots and lots of money. I doubt this will happen but it's worth a shot to try. Plus, he'd do wonders for Kodi Burns and I have no doubt our offensive numbers would shoot through the roof.

B) Josh Heupel. If you're not sold on this guy, just look at what he did with the Tight Ends at Arizona. He helped Bradford win the Heisman Trophy and that's really high credentials in of itself. He's only the quarterback coach at Oklahoma University and a stint as an offensive coordinator at a major SEC school would only further strengthen his already good resume. Plus, he was one heck of a quarterback in his own right too.

C) Steve Greatwood. Now, I realize age may be a factor here. But, he's only 50 and the offensive line has done great out there. A really good offensive line coach would be a great help. Our guys have talent, and they would do well with such a good offensive line coach. He's not a bad choice at all I say. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he's the Oregon Offensive Line Coach. Trust me, it's not bad. The ducks have had quite a strong offense.

D) Steve Logan. Well, I suppose this a bit of a wish list. I mean, this guy has got to be in the back of people's minds as a new head coach somewhere. Yes, he's doing well in the ACC. But, the vaunted SEC defenses are most certainly a proving ground for offensive gurus. I mean Boston College put up really solid numbers even after Mat Ryan has left. I hope our guys can think outside of the box and go after a name like this one or something. I mean, he's not a huge name but he's really good.

E)Trooper Taylor. Yes, I know it's another Big XII guy. But, this is a TN guy and he knows the south. While he might be a co-offensive coordinator at OK St., he might not turn down the idea of coming out to the SEC and having complete control at the helm. Not to mention, he'd be good for recruiting and he's a great Wide Receivers Coach. Obviously, our receivers have struggled mightily over the years. I think he might be a great fit as an offensive coordinator at Auburn University.

F)Dana Holgerson. The man has done well as a quarterback coach and as an inside receivers coach. Whatever you need him to do, this guy can do it. Houston has a prolific offense and we'd be crazy not to give this guy at least a call or two. He is young with lots of fire. It'd be worth giving this man an opportunity.

E)John Eason. I think this one would probably not happen. I mean he is an associate head coach-which, is odd when he's not even the offensive coordinator. You never know, he might take the job if we offered enough of a raise. Yet again, he could really help our receivers a lot. Like I said, I doubt it would happen, he's still a worthy name to look at for offensive coordinator. As always, our receivers could use the help.

Wish List-Bill Musgrave

Anyway, I will keep putting lists together, but these are some solid names I think that might should be looked at for the job of offensive coordinator.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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