Dye Quotes from Finebaum Interview aired 12/17

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Note 3 - You don't have to "listen to the PF Show" to hear the interviews which are archived the day after the live show.

Note 4 - Coach Dye usually is on every week during football season.

# "Nobody had any part in this hiring except Jay (Jacobs)."

# "The Houston Nutt thing was put out by Jimmy Sexton, his agent."

# He said someone told him Nutt had been offered $4 million. "That's a lie. I knew (Jacobs) wouldn't touch Nutt with a 10-foot pole. Jay said: `I haven't even thought about (Nutt).' I asked Frank Broyles about it and he said: `That's Jimmy Sexton. He did the same thing when Houston was out here with the Nebraska job. He did the same thing with Tommy last year with Arkansas and Texas A&M.'"

# Dye said he called former Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum about Tuberville's alleged candidiacy last year: "Tommy's name hadn't even been mentioned out here."

# On Jimbo Fisher and Will Muschamp: "We ain't talked to them. That's Sexton."

# On Tony Barnhart reporting that trustees talked with Fisher and Muschamp: "They can talk to him all they want. Jay Jacobs is doing the hiring."

# "There's a lot of misinformation out there. It gets everybody stirred up."

# What is Sexton's motive?: "Money. Getting Nutt a raise at Ole Miss. Getting Jimbo a raise at Florida State. Getting Muschamp a raise. Getting Tommy (Tuberville) a raise. Money!"

# "It's Floirda nation. It's Alabama nation. It's the Auburn family. They're screwing around with our family. The press! They're calling us racists and saying we have a plantation mentality."

# "I probably would have gone and hired Rodney Garner or Patrick Nix -- two of my former players."

# "If you're going to coach at Auburn and everything is equal, I think it would be smart to have someone who loves Auburn on your staff. That would be a tremendous advantage. That's Gene Chizik's decision. I haven't recommended one person to him."

# On Chizik: "He's a polished guy. His players love him. For Carlos Rogers to fly to Atlanta and rent a car and drive to Auburn to be there for his coach -- that shows you."

# He mistakenly believes Travis Williams appeared at the press conference. It was Antarrious Williams. Totally different guy.

# "Kurt (Crain) called me this morning and wanted me to recommend him to Gene. I told him: I'm not recommending anyone."

# Watson Brown as OC?: "That ain't happening."

# "We really don't need to worry about what's being said on the radio. If they want to listen to you, fine. It doesn't bother me what you say. I know you talk about me when I get off the air ..."

# He claims to have written the note you read here yesterday (and Tigers Unlimited people read the day before).

# Chizik: "I like it and I do like it. War eagle."

# So why write a letter?: He gets up early. "I had a spell come over me while I was riding around on the farm. I felt like I needed to talk to the Auburn people. I didn't know how to do it -- if it should be an editorial. I don't know how you all do this electrical stuff nowadays."

# Is Harper Lee behind this?: He wants to see her in January. "I've got some unfinished business we need to talk about."


# On Barkley: "People don't need to get bent out of shape with him. He's an Auburn man. He did not have enough information and he over-reacted. I've done the same thing (in the past). On this issue, he's wrong. He needs to call Jay and talk to him or call Turner Gill and talk to him."

# On Nebraska's 41-7 win against Auburn in 1982. Gill was Nebraska's quarterback that day: "That was a good, old-fashioned, country ass-whooping."

# Advice to Paul: "Ease up a little bit. If you get away from Birmingham, come on down to the plantation."

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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