Burning Questions Going into Baton Rouge

Well, everyone I'm sure is finding a way to get past the Kentucky loss. We deserved it, we played poorly, very poorly.  This loss, coupled with the loss to Arky, has raised some major questions/concerns with this Auburn team. Some are bigger than others, but they all affect the state of 2009 directly. Its hard to believe that after our quick start, we've stumbled so hard. Maybe its the youth of this team. Maybe its our depth (or lack there-of) catching up with us. Maybe its the injury bug (good luck getting that out of Chizik). I don't know exactly where to stand on us right now. I'm caught in between talking these problems off and saying we just stumbled unusually hard are going to get things turned around and hitting the panic button and settling on dreaming of the future. I'll let you guys/gals tell me where you all are at.

Do we lack depth that badly with our defense and special teams? Now I know what most of you are all thinking; that this is a stupid question. I agree, we lack experience in a lot of positions, but did Tubbs and crew really leave the shelves this empty?

What do we really have in Ted Roof? It has been difficult for me to read Ted Roof so far this year. His defensive play calling has been very dull and conservative the first 7 games. Is it only personnel issues that is holding this defense back or is Roof not cut out for the SEC ranks?

What happened to Malzahn's stellar offense? Again, I know we also have issues on the offensive side of the ball, but the drop in production the last 2 weeks is scary bad. From everything like the execution on field, down to the play calling, our offense has completely gone dormant the last two weeks. I see this as a major red flag. I do not need 500 yards of offense from Malzahn every week, thats unacceptable and ignorant to expect something like that. But with what happened last year I have to be very cautious with the way I perceive a coach's performance. Malzahn has already outperformed Franklin by far, but is this it? Is Malzahn's offense just slumping hard or is he in over his head?

What happened to our great halftime adjustments? Early in the season we came out of the locker room really rockin' and firing on all cylinders. Lately, we've looked like the Tubbs coached team of old. That is, we've failed miserably at adjusting to other teams' schemes and it seems we continue to get beat by the same thing over and over and over to the point where, as a fan, you begin to question if what you are seeing is actually real.

What happened to Chris Todd? I have been one of Todd's biggest fans here since he was named the starter. Last year I thought he was a waste of a roster spot and thought he should transfer. The first five games of this year he proved me dead damn wrong and I am thrilled about it. The last two weeks he has regressed into Todd of 2008 and you can immediatley notice its affects on the rest of the offense and the whole team for that matter. If Todd is hurt he needs to be taken off the field. I don't care if we have to appeal to the NCAA to get Daniel Cobb another year of eiligibility, I want a healthy quarterback that has a legitimate chance to make all of the throws. If he isn't hurt, the coaches really need to be pushing him to improve his pocket presence and moving thorugh his reads more fluidly and efficiently. The last two weeks he's looked very very average and this is not the fanbase to be playing for if you're a upper classmen QB making freshman mistakes. I really hope Todd can turn it around, he's a nice guy (I've met him twice) and I know no one wants to correct his mistakes more than he does.

Those are my issues I have right now with this team. I knew before hand that we weren't going to win the NC this year but after our quick start, we've fallen hard. I think the game versus LSU this weekend will be a very good barometer on how this team will fight through the end of the season.

War Eagle everyone and thanks in advance for your thoughts.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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