Urban Meyer to be Example Under New SEC No-Whining Mandate?


 That spotlight IS mighty hot, coach...


Channeling Saddam Hussein and the Security Council mandates and current-day Iran and the nuclear proliferation warnings, Florida coach Urban Meyer may have already crossed the proverbial line in the SEC sand by criticizing officiating before the ink was dry on last week's decree of 1st offense suspension for that very infraction.

Talking about a late hit on Tim Tebow by Georgia linebacker Nick Williams after Tebow had handed off the ball, Meyer said, "That should have been a penalty, in my opinion. You've got to protect quarterbacks. That's the whole purpose. It's right in front of the referee."

Meyer disclosed that that play was one of several that he refered to the SEC office, and confirmed that he did hear back from them, but declined comment.

I'm not sure I'm allowed to give you that, what they said. I don't want to get out of line."

Don't want to step out of line? What about that first comment? Rewind that, please!

SEC Bylaw 10.5.4.is the one that specifically addresses the criticizing of officials and now ups the ante for a first offense to a suspension, with reprimands being virtually useless with this bunch. But does the league have the stones to stick it to a coach who's currently ranked number one AND is the defending national champion, especially when compared through the prism of Kiffin-like infractions? THAT's a tough one.

Have no doubt that Meyer is currently at his leisure this week, basking in a beatdown of Georgia AND severly disiplining Brandon Spikes for dirty play two days ago. Memo to SEC commish Mike Slive: Why not suspend him for the second half of the Vanderbilt game this weekend.


Getting tired of all the stories in CFB being about Florida? Me too, but there's seemingly nothing else going on outside the Gator universe. But in case we start to run out of Gator threads, here are some other ones that we can probably look forward to soon:

From the home office in Atlanta, GA, tonight's TOP 10 Possible Stories Coming Out of Gainesville Before the End of the Year:

10) Tebow calls recruits from NFL draft combine...

9) Brandon Spikes arrested for gouging glass out of YouTube TV sets...

8) Gators to wear Halloween-inspired uniforms like Georgia and Tennessee for SEC championship Game in Atlanta...

7) UF President Bernie Machen nixes another possible Corrine Brown gratulation speech following BCS CG in Pasadena...

6) Gator Snuggie outsells Bama Shama-Wow as top Christmas gag gift...

5) Vanderbilt scores 48 in first half explosion to seal upset against weakened Gator D...

4) Gators give Bobby Bowden Retirement Gift...

3) Tebow again takes separate plane from team, this time out to Pasadena, then to the P.I...

2) Triple trade. Charlie Weiss goes to Illinois, Meyer goes to Notre Dame. Zook back to Gainesville...

1) Florida interviews alumnus Gene Chizik for opening one month into recruiting season...

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