SuperCam Quote of The Week


Cameron Newton aka SuperCam

I could not belive the solid gold words of wisdom coming from our favorite quarterback this week."You can't just run down to Wal Mart and buy team chemistry"

Once again a member of this wonderful 2010 version of our Auburn Tigers is showing maturity and common sense in his words. Even if his actions are other worldly, Cam Newton has not ceased to amaze on and off the field of play.

As many of you know by now, Cam's name is mentioned anytime there is talk of Heisman Trophy candidates. When asked over and over again his staunch reply is that it "Would be selfish of me" to consider any post season acolades right now. Now is not the time to be selfish, and our QB understands this point.

Last week the source for the final drive was not Cam Newton, instead, it came from one of the "Big Uglies up front", Mr. Lee Ziemba. Coach Malzahn confirmed this fact when asked about Lee suggesting Auburn run the ball down the field for the final score. The term "Big Uglies up front" has been uttered by Cameron Newton more than once this year.

Kodi Burns got in on the quote action with this gem in the post game press conference. Seems that once they got the ball inside of Wes Byrum's wheel house, they "weren't on the sideline praying that he might make it", they knew that Wes would make the winning field goal.

On another subject...

Many so called experts have mentioned over and over again that Auburn's luck was going to run out, or that the Tiger's could not keep winning games like this. When in fact each week it has been a different story, and a different aspect of the team that has pulled through at the crucial time to seal the victory for the Good Guys!

Now, before you go blasting away at your keybords and such, every player, coach, and sensible fan knows that Auburn has yet to put a complete game together. Examples of great explosiveness on offense, and stingy defense have been seen from time to time this season, but not on a consistent basis. I am here to proclaim the glass half full! Because for one thing, you haven't seen a complete disaster, and you haven't seen quit in these players either.

             A band of brothers, bound,                  

    in a woven complexety of background 

  of diverse and stellar game

stretching forth with all their heart    

  each more than willing to do their part 

 against all odds, togrther one and the same

bring forth the challengers by name  

  Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi again 

 for the prize of championships we dare

We welcome the fight, on the field of Dye 

  all our foes that dare to try 

 Bring your best  to Jordan-Hare

You have not seen the complete game yet, but you will not see a complete meltdown.

Not from this team.

Bring home the bacon, and let's skin them Hogs!




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