Time to Put the Pressure On!!!

Yesterday  I watched the greatest game in Auburn least to me. I personally can't recall a more enjoyable game with more ups and downs, a resiliant foe that wouldn't die and an Auburn team lead by the greatest player to ever wear Navy and Orange. I saw Sullivan play, I saw Bo play.....Cam is better than both.

Cam is the best player I have ever seen in college football..... period. He is as tough as Tebow but with moves like Sanders. He's not the fastest guy in the world but he's faster than most and tougher than just about anybody. I don't like to put pressure on the guy, but he is a warrior like I have never seen in Navy and Orange.

He will not fail and he wills this team to succeed. He is a leader, on and off the field and seems to have his head on tight. He knows he is good, damn good but his mouth sure isn't telling anybody....but his body is. Thats what I love the most about him.

He keeps this up and he doesn't have to worry about the Heisman because it will come to him. But in all the hullaballoo about Cam some folks are forgetting you still have to have holes to run through and our line has done a fantastic job of opening up lanes for Cam to run through and that has been all he needs. Ziemb, Pugh, Issom , Mosely have done a  fabulous job and Cam has them to thank for his success as much as himself.

The key so far this season has been the offense putting the pressure on the opposing offense to keep up, that is why our defense always seems to rise to the challenge in the 4th Qtr. As long as we don't face a Randall Cobb again, I am very confident our defense can handle anybody in panic/we have to score NOW mode.

Cam and co. make all that possible. If we aren't in the top three TODAY I will be disappointed in THE SYSTEM. Say what you will about our a team, we are among the two best teams in the country. Oregon is the only team I think that can claim they are better. I am not discounting LSU, Alabama or even Ole Miss or Georgia. Any of those teams could beat us, but with Cam playing the way he has you would be a fool to bet against the Auburn Tigers.

South Carolina has a great defense but Cam solved them. Arkansas has played great defense and Cam obliterated them. Our remaining foes will take us to the wall I'm sure but I trust in our team to get the job done.....I HAVE NEVER SAID THAT BEFORE.....EVER.  Cam makes me believe and if he plays the way he has and the way he can, I have no reason to doubt. All you had to do is watch yesterday to see proof of that.

You can hate on the defense all you want but the fact is that Tyler Wilson played insanely good until the 10 minute mark of the 4th Qtr. Our dfense wasn't fooled by scheme. They weren't out of position. Tyler WIlson and his receiveres MADE play after play....they would have scored 35 + on anybody the way he played yesterday. It was the best backup performance I have ever seen....Tom Brady included. And we still won.

Cam, Dyer, Fannin, Adams, Lutz, TZac, Blake Ziemba, Issom and every body else will put the pressure on opposing teams to answer them but what they will also be doing is putting pressure on the pollsters. You can not ignore what  this team is accomplshing. You can not poo poo wins over Arkansas, South Carolina and now Kentucky and Miss St. on the road.

We have played superior competition and have gotten better along the way with the best player in the country. Boise and TCU need not apply, it is an insult that they are in front of Auburn or Alabama or Choklahoma for that matter today.  Bosie and TCU could beat anybody in a one game championship with a month to prepare but were they in a REAL conference, playing REAL competition week in and week out they would never even sniff the BCS, much less be in it.  Auburn's schedule alone, which is extremely favorable, would deal both those teams multiple losses.

We may lose to LSU....or Ole Miss...or Georgia.....and certainly losing to Alabama in front of 100,000 turd fans is possible. But on Sunday October 17th, nobody desrves to be in the BCS championship game more than our Auburn Tigers. If you don't beleive that...well you haven't seen them play.


CAM FOR HEISMAN!!! (that's a first for me too)

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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