Why We Beat the Black Bear

1) This is the perfect time to prove we deserve being the top ranked team in the nation. A huge win here will solidify our place in the minds of the voters in addition to our huge computer advantage. It will solidify it in the minds of our players. If ever there was a time to play relentlessly it is now with an easy game the following week to rest on in preparation for a very decent Georgia team.

2) Last "easy" and "credible" win. We need to beet Chattanooga by 30 or more but it really doesn't matter as long as we win. The Mocs are as weak an opponent as we could find and everybody knows it. Georgia and Alabama will both be incredibly tough battles and if we win those, the SEC and NC will be even more difficult. This is our last real chance to win by huge numbers.

3) Gus Malzahn vs Houston Nutt. Malzahn is on a career long quest, at which he will be very very successful, to prove Nutt a fool for making Malzahn a mere puppet. Malzahn may be grateful to Nutt for bringing him up to the college level, but Gus would have found his way to the top no matter the route. Malzahn is going to be pulling out the trickeration that has been somewhat absent this year in comparison to last. Auburn will execute some incredible plays in this game so get your rewind button ready.

4) Auburn Rushing. Auburn is rushing the ball as well or better than it ever has. Cam could throw only against blitzes and he or one of our many capable runners can handle it for the rest of the plays. As a strategy if Auburn ran uptempo 3-4 yd rushing plays over and over and over and over.....well we would win by an enormous margin and the Ole Miss defense would be leaving the game due to exhaustion. Cam and Gus can control the clock and number of downs necessary for the defense to play and basically never give up the ball. This is why we can beat anybody in the country and will win the National Championship. After our LSU performance how could Ole Miss stop us?

5) Auburn Passing. Mississippi is dead last in the SEC in interceptions with just 2 against a schedule including Vanderbilt, Fresno St, Tulane, and Jax State. Cameron Newton can pick apart this secondary to demonstrate his NFL quality throwing accuracy, strength, and mechanics. If Cam doesn't run in the first 5 downs of offense look for him to run sparingly or never throughout the game just like his passing showcase against Louisiana-Monroe. The wide receivers are doing a great job blocking to open up the run and you can be sure the Bears' defense is well aware of this which could lead to Cam's favorite type of pass: against the blitz.

6) Defense. Nick Fairley is now a semi-finalist for the Lombardi Award and I am sure every quarterback and coach is scared of being body slammed or hit with an aluminum chair by this incredible athlete. He moves like he is 6'1" 180 but he is 6'5" 300. That extra effort stopping Auburn's defensive man child will help the rest of the team make big plays. Unfortunately it is not likely that any two members of the Black Bear can keep Fairley from knocking a quarterback out of a game. Fairley is #2 in the nation with 17 TFL. The entire defense has stepped up and improved throughout the year. There is no reason to believe that won't continue as they gain more experience and confidence.

Simply, we have performed as champions up to this point, better in every category than the Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear except maybe Special Teams. This is the most important game up to this point, to prove we aren't a flash in the pan like last year. Cam is the real deal and Gus is the real deal. Nutt will be having nightmares, bet on that.

Auburn 48, Ole Miss 10

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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