Georgia Prediction Thread

War Eagle!

Believe it or not, the Auburn Tigers have a game this weekend, and it's against our oldest rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs. I find it extremely difficult to concentrate on the game given the whirlwind of information swirling about what Cam Newton may or may not have done. In fact, it's hard for me to even look forward to the game considering the dark clouds hovering over the program, whether we deserve them or not. All of that said, it's time to try and focus on the Bulldogs. I know that the team is doing so, and that's good enough for me.

Last week's game against Chattanooga saw a record-low turnout in the prediction thread. I thought that would mean I'd have a better shot at winning the contest, but alas, the congratulations this week are in order for commenter kerr024, whose prediction of 62-20 was only four points off the actual score. Nice work! Welcome to the weekly winners' list!

Game 1 (Arkansas State): Sparkey
Game 2 (Mississippi State): Col.Angus
Game 3 (Clemson): Jumpn_JackFlash (PERFECT)
Game 4 (South Carolina): Todd92
Game 5 (Louisiana-Monroe): SandMountainTiger
Game 6 (Kentucky): AU04Natlchamps
Game 7 (Arkansas): UglyJoe
Game 8 (Louisiana State): buddy Ro
Game 9 (Mississippi): DarthTiger
Game 10 (Chattanooga): kerr024

This week's game is hard to figure out, given the uncertainty surrounding Cam Newton. This year's Georgia club is not the greatest, but you can guarantee they are going to give us their best game. And considering the situation Auburn finds itself in, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Dawgs smell blood. Is Auburn good enough to beat Georgia, even if Cam Newton doesn't play? That's hard to tell. Will the Aaron Murray-A.J. Green combination shred our secondary? Probably. Will it matter? I hope not. This team has lost to the Bulldogs for four consecutive years; the only current Tiger who has ever tasted victory against them is safety Aairon Savage, who was in his first year at Auburn when we beat Georgia on the Cox-to-Aromashodu miracle. Medical hardships are the only reason he's still around. You would think that everyone else on the roster never having beaten Georgia would be enough to get them pumped up for the game. I think it will, and even if we have Barrett Trotter calling  the plays, we'll score enough points to beat UGA.

Georgia 27
Auburn 38

P.S. - Entries are accepted until one hour before kickoff (1:30 PM CT) and if a user enters two scores, only the first counts. Also, if you only give a score and don't designate which score belongs to which team, I will assume that you are picking Auburn to win by that score.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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