If Cam Newton is Innocent, This is How

I grew up an Auburn fan.  As a result, I have been reluctant to believe any of the smoke that has been reported on this whole Cam Newton thing.  However, now the first actual flames have been spotted.  I have gone back and looked at everything that has been reported.  Every claim by every writer.  If you want to believe that Cam Newton is innocent, this is all you have to believe.  Kenny Rodgers and Joe Schad are full of s***.  We already know that Kenny Rodgers is.  So the real question is who do you believe?  Who do you have more faith in?  Joe Schad's anonymous sources.  Or Cecil Newton's denials.  See the explanation after the jump.


First, the obligatory why Kenny Rodgers is lying.  He has already lied.  He has already been called a liar by others. But to the more important question.  Why would he lie about this now?  Simply, to pass the buck and escape his own investigation by the NFL. That's right.  He is already being investigated for inappropriate activity.  He can escape the responsibility for this by saying that he was just doing what the player and his family told him to do.  But more importantly, how did the story play out if he is actually lying.

Cecil Newton did actually talk with Kenny Rogers.  He has admitted as much.  But you have to believe that he never asked Rogers for money for Cam to be innocent.  So the question becomes, why did Kenny Rogers tell many people/employees/boosters at MSU that the Newtons were looking for money?  What had to have happened is that Kenny Rogers thought that he could be the middle man for the money transactions between MSU and the Newtons.

If that happened, then Rogers could pocket the money and keep it for himself.  Why would he be able to pocket the money?  Because the Newtons never asked for money and were never expecting any money to begin with.  How would Rogers get MSU boosters to pay the money?  By saying that Newton wasn't coming to MSU unless he got paid, and Rogers had to say that it was the Newtons that were telling him all this, when in reality, they had no idea that he was shopping their son.  Rogers has already proven himself to be a liar and a sleazy salesman (see links above).  This would be not be out of character for him to pull a maneuver like this.  All of this is entirely plausible, with the exception of one thing.  Joe Schad has reported direct conversations by the Newtons with other people.

Joe Schad wrote this.  He has reported the most unsubstantiated damning evidence out there right now. Specifically he says this:

Two sources who recruit for Mississippi State said that Cecil Newton and his son, quarterback Cam Newton, said in separate phone conversations that his college choice would be part of a pay-for-play plan while Newton was being recruited late last year.

Prior to Newton's commitment to Auburn, one of the recruiters said Cecil Newton told him it would take "more than a scholarship" to bring his son to Mississippi State, a request the source said the school would not meet. Cecil Newton also referred the recruiter to a third person who would provide more specifics, the source said.

After Newton committed to Auburn, another source said an emotional Cam Newton phoned another recruiter to express regret that he wouldn't be going to Mississippi State, stating that his father, Cecil, had chosen Auburn for him because "the money was too much."

This is what you have to believe is a lie to believe that Cam and Cecil Newton are innocent.  If this didn't happen, Auburn and Cam Newton are perfectly fine and eligible.  If this is true, welcome back to probabtion and bye-bye BCS Championship.  And Joe Schad's article is already catching heat for not having any credible evidence.  In fact, when MSU turned over the evidence to the SEC, they didn't include anything that Schad is reporting.  So now you have an interesting twist.  Either MSU is covering some of this up, or Schad is embellishing in order to get in on the Cam Newton action.  Schad also may have gotten misinformation simply because everyone is telling everything that Jim-Bob reported on a message board about Newton right now.

The whole problem with believing Cam Newton is innocent, is that his dad has all of a sudden gone dark.  Since Rogers has turned State's evidence, Cecil nor Cam have been heard from.  That isn't giving anyone any reason to doubt Rogers, other than he has already lied about this once.  

Needless to say, the truth will all come out eventually.  Believe who you will, but don't get caught up in the sensationalist versions of the story.  You either believe Joe Schad's anonymous sources and Kenny Rogers, or you believe Cam and Cecil Newton and Auburn's investigation into the matter.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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