Thoughts Under the Magnolias for Homecoming


Not much going on this week aside from debate about whether or not Oregon should have passed us in the polls. Steel yourselves for Sundays BCS rankings after the UT- Chat game, as I'm sure we will take another hit from the computers. The haters will come crawling out of the woodwork screaming about how we played a cupcake and don't deserve to be #2...much less #1.

 Even if we totally obliterate the Mocs, its not out of the realm of possibility that TCU may jump us with a win over undefeated Utah. Hard to believe, but if we dropped after a win on the road, its conceivable. If you don't think it can happen, explain to me how Boise St. and TCU are in the top 5 anyway and were ahead of Michigan State, Missouri and other undefeateds to begin with.

Sure the human polls have had them high all year, but their SOS should put them  behind any BCS AQ conference undefeated team.  

This weeks game between LSU and Alabama should be a lot closer than most people are giving LSU credit for. Is LSU an elite team? Not as currently constituted given the evidence they have presented in their games this year, but they do have elite athletes, and playing at Death Valley is worth way more than a three point home field advantage, in my opinion. I know I wouldn't want to play them again at their place. So the question begs, do you go against every fiber in your being and root for Alabama to keep the pressure on them to defend their National Championship in the Iron Bowl (obviously if they lose, they are out) and preserve a dream matchup OR ,do you "Hate Bama Early and Often", and root for LSU? Once again I am conflicted.

 I want to us to be the ones to send Alabama home with coal for the holidays and a trip to the Capital One Bowl.  But..... If we beat UGA and Alabama loses to LSU, we win the West. The Iron Bowl would be meaningless for the SEC championship, and perhaps even for the National Tiltle game.

 If we destroy the East representative in the SEC game and LSU wins out against Arkansas and Ole Miss, taking a Top 5 bcs spot, we could conceivably lose a close game on the road to Alabama and still go to Glendale. We would have a REALLY good argument for a one loss team wit our only loss would be to the ALMIGHTY Tide and a win over a top 5 LSU team.

 Thats putting the cart before the horse, of course because we still have to beat Georgia. And Alabama, for all their bluster and threats to go back to the Championjship game, have THREE remaining SEC games against ranked LSU, Miss St. and Auburn. Combined record 23-3. Saban and freinds had best be concentrating on the task at hand, instead of assuming their tickets being punched to Glendale is a mere formality. No matter the scenario, I think EVERYBODY is itching to lay as much on the TURDS as possible and go to Glendale undefeated.   

  The Georgia game scares the heck out of me for a number of reasons. One, they have a lot of talent on that team that has underperformed and could really turn in a great performance against us given the motivation to ruin our season and save Mark Richt.

 Don't be fooled by their record, they could easily have won two or three of the games they've lost. Aaron Murray has made mistakes but overall played very well and is developing into a very dangerous QB, much like a taller Jeremiah Masoli. The problem with that is that Murray has AJ Green to throw to. If we have a bad defensive day they will hang 35+ points on us, which is OK if we keep scoring 50+ but I hate to have that kind of pressure week in and week out, especially if they find a way to bottle up Cam. 

  After Ole Miss put the brakes on Cam's running attack, you have to wonder if Georgia and Alabama will employ the same strategy of spying Cam and taking away the interior running lanes. The old saying goes you don't let the other guys best player beat you but Cam and Company really filleted them in every other facet of the offense. Cam still  beat them, just not how he was expected to beat them.

 I personally would prefer for Cam to beat folks with his arm because its obviously better for Cams health to sit in the pocket as opposed to putting his knees at risk juking down the field. I absolutely love watching him in the open field but physics says a 250 lb body on a 6'6" frame, isn't supposed to do that without really taxing those ligaments in the ankles and knees. He truly has a remarkable body, with remarkable talent, because the torque that his body must generate to stop/start the way he does must be extraordinary.

Of course then again I don't see how champion race horses do what they do on those spindley legs, so if they can do it, why can't Cam?  

As far as Cam is concerned, is his legacy tarnished at all if he is one and done as an Auburn Tiger? I can't blame the guy for leaving for the millions of the NFL, especially if he wins the Heisman and even more so if he wins a MNC, but I'm torn about how I would feel about comparing him to Bo and Pat and Tucker and all the other Auburn greats who truly had great careers, not just great seasons. If he finsihes how he I've said before....he will be the greatest player to wear the Orange and Navy....buuuutttt I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around that with the possibility that he may only be here for one season.

 Regardless of how the season turns out I selfishly want him to come back and thrill us again for one more season but right now its hard to believe he will.    

 And whatever happened to Tyrik Rollison? I know he isn't starting at Sam Houston State. Its hard to believe that HE was the designated Messiah before Cam signed on to play on the plains.  I can see why he left the team when Cam came to town, but you would think with his talent he would be leading the BearKats at Sam Houston State. Just goes to show that recruiting is about as inexact of a science as you can get.


We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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