ESPN and the Media, Again Showing They are Rotten to the Core

Ethics, standards, morals....all are in STEEP decline in this country and I credit this mostly to the stinking, rotting, bloated fish carcas that is the media.

The other day I length....about the media's role in the BCS rankings and its motives in propping up certain teams and dragging down other teams. Money and the lust for more of it drives the media engine. I said, their manta is "Controversy Creates Cash!!". Say and do anything to get viewers or readers. They rarely have all the facts, and in some cases have no facts....just speculation and innuendo...thats enough for so called "journalists" (hock!! - petuey!! -- I can't say that word without spitting out the bile that rises into my mouth) to go to print with their "story".

 Its truly sickening.  I don't have a problem with the capitalist desire to make money, but to do it with hearsay, conjecture, deception, and down right lies is beyond contemptable. It is widespread throughout the media, reporting stories for the sake of contoversy and to promote an agenda designed to increase readership/viewership, regardless of the truth or who gets trampled in the process.   

 Now of course, I'm writing this time about the coverage of Cam Newton and how they are dragging him and his family through the mud because some "pimp" (to quote Saban), who used to play at Mississippi State, used his ties at MSU to try and fleece the university for $180K. Why isn't the focus on Kenny Rogers and the agent he works for?  Why is it that we aren't hearing this guy did the same at other schools? Didn't Cam go to Oklahoma after he went to MSU?

 Why isn't Bob Stoops saying, "Yeah, Kenny Rogers asked for $200K, but we weren't comfortable with that discussion so we asked him to leave." This recruiting process took place a year ago, why was nothing talked about then? We played MSU almost two months ago, why wasn't this discussed then? Why does every story concerning this have Cam's picture associated with it as opposed to Kenny Rogers? He's the guy who we know did something wrong.

 Why am I asking these questions and not the friggin "journalists" (hock- petury!!) that report this vile slander!! Have they no shame?? Thats easy to answer, no they don't. They don't have any ethics and they don't care who they hurt. This isn't just about Cam, this impunes the integrity of EVERYONE in the Auburn administration, straight up to the president. It slanders Cecile Newton and the churches he is affiliated with and most importantly to me, it slanders Auburn fans and supporters.  

This is all coming out now to throw controversey into the Heisman race since Cam is running away with it and because Auburn is in the national title hunt....and rolling. This hurts the ESPN agenda, which is to promote national programs  Alabama and Ohio State....and is red meat for the haters.  ESPN, damn them to hell, is trying like hell to stir the pot so they can generate more interest in a heisman race that is essentially over. Cam Newton is hot, he has a great story and this just adds salaciousness to it.

They will be stoking the flames  about Cam, his father and Auburn all weekend even though the entire allegation, beyond Kenny Rogers wrongdoing, is unsubstantiated. The story on ESPN insinuates that Cecile Newton came up with illegal money for his church to meet code and get a reprieve from demolition. They say that without outright making an allegation, despite the fact they don't say how much the repairs would cost or investigating who did the work. It would not have taken a ton of money to get that building up to code and to insinuate that he got that money from Auburn for Cam's services is contemptable. 

 I've seen the church and nobody is getting rich from that congregation. Cecile Newton may be making a living off of these churches, but Bishop Eddie Long he is not.   The automatic assumption is that this is just like the Reggie Bush scandal.....which is laughable."Experts" are now saying Cams Heisman chances are dashed because the Reggie Bush scandal is still frwessh in everyones mind and they don't want to get burned again. Apparently voters won't be able to distinguish between the two.

If thats the case then the Heiman voters are apparently a buch of Howler monkeys incapable of discerning between slander of a player and actual wrongdoing. You see, one situation is unsubstantiated and one had an Malibu. Get the distinction Heisman voters? I know all of you former Heisman winners wouldn't be hypocritical and hold that against Cam, would you? (Wink, wink)

  Lastly, lets use some common sense. I don't care how much Cam would mean to Auburn or ANY big time school, it is not worth the TENS of MILLIONS of dollars that would be at risk from the SEVERE NCAA sanctions that would be levied against an institution that paid an athlete that kind of money. It is absurd beyond all reason to think that any school would do something that stupid and risk so much for a player that may or may not turn out to be a productive athlete, much less a star.

 Now if Cam did prostitute himself to Auburn for money, he should be kicked off the team and whoever was involved in paying him should be fired immediately. Period. Paragraph. If they were that stupid they deserve what they get and I don't want them associated with Auburn. I'm no Pollyanna, I know these kids get money from some source here and can't watch them 24hrs a day, but in no way should the University be involved one scintilla in compensating an athlete outside of the conditions of their scholarship.

 I would rather lose honestly every year, than win crooked. To me the Auburn creed means something and anybody that denigrates the reputation of the university needs to go. That being said, this story is a non story. I hope that once the truth comes out that this agent acted alone to fleece his alma mater (what a scumbag), that Cam and the University will be apologized to for this outright attempt to malign both.....for the sake of ratings. What a bunch of maggot infested scumbags they are in the media, I hope they get what is coming to them. Of course I won't hold my breath waiting for either to come about.  


We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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