Dirty Rotten Media 2: Jakals Feast- Kenny Rogers says "No, No, No, No"

When Paul Finebaum is your biggest supporter in the media you know that something is horribly wrong. Well after a full day of media coverage, that is exactly what has happened. Finebaum is the ONLY guy I saw on TV or heard on the radio who actually said that there isn't much behind this story and that more needs to come to light before he can pass judgement on it. That was surprising  to say the least. The "Cam Newton Scandal" has been blown so out of proportion that every media member in the country is seizing on it to promote their own agenda. There are of course the "Cam is the worst kid in the world" crowd, the "Cecil Newton is the anti-christ" crowd, the "Auburn is the center of corruption in the universe" crowd, but also all the "Agents and the players who deal with them should be banished" crowd and the ever popular "we just need to pay these kids" crowd. Same old faces, same old arguments, different time, different center of attention.  Oh by the way, did we mention that there are still no FACTS in this investigation? None. Nothing, Nada.  Just John Bond making a baseless allegation that can neither be confirmed or proven.


Since we aren't going to look at the facts, lets look at the circumstantial evidence and see if we can make heads or tails of whats going on and who has an agenda. Lets see, we have Cam Newton who is a Heisman front runner and the best player on an Auburn team that is in contention for the national championship. Cam KNOWS he is a great player and knows that if he keeps out of trouble that he will make MILLIONS in a year or two in the NFL. Auburn, has a new coach and a wizard OC that makes even average QB's look good. Auburn has 3 decent but unspectacular on scholarship before they signed Cam Newton. Auburn wanted  Cam Newton but they didn't NEED Cam Newton.

Now Cam originally wanted to go to Mississippi State to be re-united with his old OC at Florida, Dan Mullen. I can understand that, you're a 21 year old, and you want to get a good chance at winning a starting job immediately, so why not go to the place where the coach already knows you and you wouldn't have much competition? Makes sense to me. And of course Dan Mullen and MSU want him.  Well Cecil Newton,  who has already gotten a child into the NFL and, like any good parent wants whats best for their child, looks at Auburn and tells Cam,"MSU is a fine university but if you want to go to the NFL, Auburn is going to be the best fit for you. Auburn runs a scheme that is perfect for you. Gus Malzahn is one of the best OC's in the country, there won't be a lot of competition for the starting job and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Auburn has one of the best lines in the country. You will be well protected and will be able to showcase your talents to the world on several nationally televised games"

Uh, Cecil, nailed it. 

Now who would be upset by Cam going to Auburn? Hmmm, let me see.....Urban Meyer? Nah, he couldn't bring Cam back after the computer incident and wouldn't play him this season except POSSIBLY in the SEC title game..which means they had a good season.  Oh, Nick Saban!! That dirty so and so, ....wait, he has two Heisman worthy backs and a guy who hadn't lost a game at QB since middle school....nah, not a good fit right now. Who else??? Hmmm, what about Dan Mullen, the guy that lost Cam? Oh wait, yeah, that does make sense. Who has only lost two games ( to Auburn and to LSU) and who has a less than ideal situation at QB, with Relf and Russell, but could possibly be undefeated with Cam Newton? Why Mississippi State could. Yeah, if I'm Dan Mullen, I'd be steamed right about now that undefeated Auburn got the best player in the country, the kid  that WANTED to come play for me and his meddling dad got in the way. I'm sure Dan Mullen doesn't have an axe to grind against Auburn and Cecil Newton. Why they were just minding their own business when this dirty agent, reperesenting that despicable Cecil Newton came to them and said, "Hey this kid wants to play for you, and I'll make sure he signs with you, but it gonna take some cash. BUT I'll give you a discount on what other schools are offering.....$180 large, son!!" Why of all the brazen acts known to man!!! How dare you Kenny Rogers....ex Mississippi State dare you come to your old buddy John Bond....ex Mississippi State QB....and ask me.....Dan Mullen.....the Mississippi State coach....for $180 k to acquire the services of Cam Newton!!!" The unmitigated gall!!!  John Bond report this chicanery to the NCAA!! Toot suite!!

Anybody notice a common thread behind the three main players in the allegation? Why yes, they ARE all tied to Mississippi State. Wouldn't that mean that they all might have the same agenda to discredit Auburn and Newton??That doesn't cast a shadow of doubt on the story at all does it? Why ask questions about that side of the story....its much more sexy to jump all over Cam Newton, Cecil Newton, Gene Chizik and Auburn. Why theguys a Auburn have a lot to lose and we here in the media can actually play a part in the process by crucifying everyone even remotely involved in with Auburn and Cam Newton....but not poor old spiteful Dan Mullen and Mississippi State. They were just being good citizens and turned in that dirty Kenny Rogers to the NCAA....who have absolutely no control over Kenny Rogers whatsoever....scouts honor!!....swear to god!!

Well now USA Today is reporting that Kenny Rogers, in a Dallas radio interview denies the allegation flatly.

From USA Today:

"Heck no," Rogers said Friday night on 103.3 ESPN. "I've never done that. A school has never paid me for a kid, an alumni has never paid me for a kid. Period. Point blank."

Rogers also said he has not spoken to Bond in "over 20 years." But he did admit to a relationship with Newton's father, Cecil, during the recruiting process as Cam Newton was looking for a school after playing at Blinn College.

Discussions were about "about the culture of Mississippi State because it was a small town," Rogers said. "We would just talk back and forth about Mississippi State," Rogers said.

Rogers said Cecil Newton introduced him to Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen on one occasion.

Now what to make of that ??? Rogers broke rank what!!??? Anybody going to question this BS now??

Who's lying??...I'd say all involved...on the MSU side. At best for MSU I'd say Rogers, was just representing himself and trying to get some cash from MSU. At worst John Bond and Dan Mullen made this up to get back at Cam and Auburn....which is more likely??  Both are more possible than Cecil Newton shopping his kid for $ 200K. Really, if Cam was shopping his services around via an agent, that WOULD HAVE gotten out back when he signed. Too many teams could use him and no big time program  would let Auburn get away with that, and rightfully so. So the story on its face is absurd and not crdible at all, but why let that get in the way of mud slinging at Cam Newton and Auburn?? ITS SO MUCH MORE FUN TO HATE!!


Did I menton I hate the media??





We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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