2010 Schedule W/L Pick 'Em Right Now!!!

In honor of my post last year I decided  to once again get your opinions on the schedule and get you guys to pick each game on the schedule as you see it right now. What are your trap games? What games are getting a little more hype than needed? Let us know what you think! Here is how I have it picked right now if I had to sit down and place bets on the season.

9/04/2010 -  Arkansas St.: The Tigers come out and win big in their home/season opener setting up a clash in Starkvegas for the following Thursday. Win. 1-0

9/09/2010 - Mississippi St.: This is a tough one for me to call. Dan the man Mullen will have his team ready to play. Mississippi St. will look at this game as a chance to send a message to the rest of the SEC. In the end I think the Tiger offense is too much for the Bulldogs. Auburn pulls away in the second half 38-17. Win. 2-0

9/18/2010 - Clemson: When it comes down to it, I think this game is garnering too much attention. With all due respect to the Orange and Purple tigers, Auburn should win this game. Auburn 34-10. Win. 3-0

9/25/2010 - South Carolina: Many people are high on SC this year. Spurrier has openly stated he has been tougher on his players through the spring and will continue to be. He has also gone back to calling all of the offensive plays just as he did in his Gator days. In the end I think the Spurrier runs out of magic. Auburn 27-17. Win. 4-0

10/02/2010 - Louisiana-Monroe: No fooling around here. Auburn handles the other Louisiana college and gets some much needed rest for the 1st stringers. Auburn going away 42-21 with on or two td's coming late on AU's backups. Win. 5-0

10/09/2010 - Kentucky: Obviously revenge is a factor here. But the wildcats prove to be a feisty protecting their home turf. Auburn wins a tight one 24-17. Win. 6-0

10/16/2010 - Arkansas: The plainsmen will once again be seeking revenge as the Razorbacks roll into Jordan-Hare looking to continue their success against AU. This will be a tight one, and its very tough to call from this far out. Wes Byrum kicks the game winning field goal with time expiring. Auburn wins 38-35. Win. 7-0

10/23/2010 - LSU: This is a matchup that has also gone sour for the Auburn Tigers. In the end I think LSU will have too many answers. Auburn gets nipped at home 31-20. Loss. 7-1

10/30/2010 - Mississippi: Houston Nutt will not have any answers for AU on this day. The Tigers get back on track and win semi-big in Oxford 31-10. Win. 8-1

11/06/2010 - Chattanooga: A typical homecoming showing with improved defense from years past as younger guys begin to show strong improvement. Tigers roll 56-17. Win. 9-1

11/13/2010 - Georgia: Lately Mark Richt and the Bulldogs have owned AU. This year that trend will change as Auburn handles UGA 31-10 to set up a Black Friday matchup for the ages. Win. 10-1

11/26/2010 - Alabama: The much anticipated sequel from last year's nail biter will live up to the hype. Alabama's record will be no worse than tied with AU's and is likely to be better. Newton and the Malzahn machine put up a much better showing and the Tigers get some old magic back to knock off the Ruby Elephants at home. Auburn stuns the Tide with a game ending drive of their own 31-24! Win. 11-1

Borrowing from Chris Bosh; this all seems a little 'Pie in the Sky' to me. It really does. But as I imagined each contest it became a little more plausible to me. Obviously a lot of things will have to go right for this scenario to play out. I also am not going to go beyond this point in my predictions. I have no clue who else will be represented in the SEC championship game. And I won't even strain my brain trying to imagine the BCS standings at this point.

I would love to hear what you guys think. What have I got wrong? Do I have anything right? Let me know and let everyone else know how YOU think the season will play out. Here's to an exciting 2010 season. War Damn Eagle!

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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