This Team Just Gets Better and Better

What a great win against Florida.  That makes 2 wins this year that we weren't supposed to get.  What was looking like lucky to be 6-6 a few weeks ago, with questions about the coaching all over the place, myself largely included, has dissolved into 2 wins in the month of scheduling hell known as October where we weren't supposed to win any, and 1 more week to go.  The young Tigers have an incredibly daunting task this week, heading to Red Stick to take on the #1 team in the country in LSU.  A team who has beat the living crap out of everyone that has dared to step on the field with them this year, including several ranked teams, two of which were out of conference, one of which played for the BCS National Championship last year. 

We should be scared to death.  We're not.

This season, without a doubt, the team are already winners.  They have accomplished more then anybody thought they would all year.  I was one of the naysayers.  Now, let's be honest here, folks.  We've gotten a lot of help in the way of Stephen Garcia sucking and Florida losing two of their three best players.  But still, you have to look at what this team is done and be proud.  No experience, 26 freshmen playing 2 deep, Poor QB play.  Our 2 best receivers getting injured.  The list of adversity is nearly endless, and yet this Tiger team is sitting at 5-2, one win away from a bowl bid.

The Bammers say we've fallen ass backwards into wins.  Screw them.  If you believe them, they are the best team ever, could beat anyone in the NFL, and are the only team in the country that wins every single game on their own merit all while never getting a call from the refs.  Oh yeah, and when they lose, its always because they 'shit the bed' , or got a bad call, or were incredibly unlucky.  It couldn't possibly be that they got their asses whipped by somebody better.  They are largely a joke to the rest of the country, even when they are as good as they are this year.  The sad thing is, they don't even realize how universally laughed at they are.  Now, let's be realistic, which is something they are incapable of.  There is no doubt that we've had some luck.  Only a fool would say otherwise.  But likewise, only a fool would write off the amazing improvement on the field that this team has shown on the field the last few weeks.  This team is getting better.  Every week there are fewer blown coverages, missed tackles, and missed assignments.  The coaching that this defense is receiving is glaringly obvious.  This week, against Florida, the defense was disciplined, focused, and just flat out good.  Coverage was great.  Tacking was improved yet again from the former week.  Roof dialed up blitzes at the right time and there was no wimpy 15 yard soft zones.  He is showing more confidence in the young secondary and allowing them to play up on the line more.  It is paying off!  There is no doubt that some serious coaching mistakes were made in the beginning of the year.  There is no disputing that.  But they have been corrected with overwhelming success. 

The only question we have right now is QB play.  It pains me that it took the coaching staff as long as it did to bench Trotter and give either Mosely or Frazier a shot at really running the offense.  I would still rather see Frazier in there, but from what was shown Saturday, Mosely is a DEFINITE improvement over Trotter.  Even though Frazier is the more talented player, and a better fit for Gus's offense, I'm willing to watch Mosely now and see how it goes.  Trotter's had his chance, and he should be the backup now.  He's done.  Good call by the staff.

LSU this weekend.  On the road.  22 point underdogs.  Nobody in the country giving us a chance.  Just another week of Auburn football.  I'm not unrealistic.  LSU is better than we are.  They are more talented and more experienced.  They should beat us handily.  But as the old saying goes:  'There's a reason why we don't play the games on paper.' 

To the LSU faithful, I can only say this:  Do NOT count this team out.  You do so at your own peril.

You have been warned. 

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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