A Question asked about The Auburn Tigers before the Arkansas game

AUBURN A Spirit- An Attitude A Way OF Life A Question asked about The Auburn Tigers leading up to the Arkansas game •◦ •

 I thought I would share this with the Auburn Family even though after I wrote it a few weeks ago the results of the question didn't exactly turn out like I had hoped. I had a pretty good idea when the question was asked that the chances were less then slim for it to happen but for some reason this odd question managed to get me in one of my Auburn gears that would once again lead me down the path of writing on my favorite subject....well my second favorite anyway. HA! (the guys reading probably got that joke)

Now as I think back Im convinced that the fact that the question was so unrealistic is really why it did it for me. It now has brought me to appreciating the gentleman who was joked on for asking such a outrageously thought to be stupid question on that day leading up to the whooping we got in Hog Land.

 The truth of it is that it doesnt matter what happened on the field in Arkansas or LSU or does it really matter how the rest of the season plays out for our beloved Tigers of Auburn. It tell me that we should look to the question and remember what it means to be an Auburn Man or Woman and what brought us to this special place we call our home away from home. We can take pleasure in the journey that got us here and every emotion that its given us all along the way, the good and bad. You can only truly understand why we are all a family at Auburn unless you have shared in some of the growth of this family.

Of course If you do need a reminder that's not a problem at all. Its what friends and Family are for and its why we love reading and writing and talking about our family and why we talk with such passion about everything Auburn on and off the football field and the experience we continue to share with each other almaost every day. I hope that maybe my Auburn thoughts Ive shared below can point some of you in that way. The Auburn Spirit way of life. I think you will discover, if you haven't already that its about more then winning or losing games. A lot more then some will ever know. Its a Way of Life, a way to share and well the way we share it all Orange Blue together .....Its Great to be an Auburn Tiger and War Eagle to my Auburn friends and family!! by Jerry Dalton Cotton II on Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 5:49pm:

 AN ANSWER GIVEN By: BojackCadillac (JDC) Posted: Today 12:47 AM Re: The Question: If Auburn goes undefeated in OCT where will Auburn..... My Answer: I love your positive thinking! There is nothing wrong with an optimistic outlook. Let me be the first one to admit that I've done my share of some of the same thinking my friend. I have no problem with doing the "what ifs". Let me tell you why. Auburn has been a part of my life since the day after tax day of 1969, the day I was born. I've watched as our beloved Tigers have gone from 1970's doormat to the 1980's Team of the Decade in the SEC. I remember "keep it on the down low cuz" and all the terrible press Auburn received for two years after. I witnessed the 180 degree turn around with the "Perfect Season" of 1993. It was almost like someone snapped their fingers and all the bad press just went away and a brand new Auburn was invented and loved by all.

 This Cinderella story of course was a little to good to be true. I watched as things got tough again on the Plains as our Prince of football walked out on the Auburn Family and then went a boo hoo hoo all the way home. The Prince couldn't wait to tell the King and Queen and anybody that would listen that Auburn was a bad place with bad people and that he had no choice but to leave his players high and dry in the middle of the season.

 Auburn picked itself back up again as we always do and decided to jump aboard the train to Tuberville. We arrived in a mess, a HUGE mess but we slowly pieced things back together again. Tommy T was laying the bricks and the Auburn Family was one again....or so we thought. A plane ride (ironically to Arkansas) to do a little coach shopping and ....well you know how the story goes.

 In 2004 I watched as Auburn knocked every team they faced to the floor but the press and the polls they control still wanted more. As it turns out, so did Tubby. He was good he was bad he was everything in between and that wasn't good enough. The door was open and the feeling was mutual. Auburn needed a change. Mean Gene Chizik was the man for the job but who knew it at the time? We proved the critics wrong again and it didn't take very long again. You asked what if Auburn does this or that or what if.......I have only one answer to that my friend…… .....I BELIEVE IN AUBURN AND LOVE IT.

 The greatest thing about being a part of the Auburn Family is that no matter how great the odds may be stacked against us and no matter how big the obstacle may seem to be or no matter what anyone outside the family thinks or says, you always know in your heart ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible and sometimes probable for me and you and the Orange and Blue back at "the Loveliest Village on the Plains"... QUESTION: If Auburn goes undefeated in the month of October (positive vibes OK) will we be ranked in the top 5? ANSWER: WHEN Auburn wins out in October the Big Blue we will be #2 or 3 at worst IMHO. It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger........ And always will be! WAR EAGLE TILL THE DAY I DIE! Bojackcadillac. AUBURN A Spirit- An Attitude A Way OF Life

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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