Friday Ramblings: So Much To Be Thankful For...



 As I am sitting at my desk tapping away on my keyboard, I can't help but think about the many things I have in my life, to be thankful for. I am not talking about material possessions, merely, the things that actually count.

  It's been a long year since January 10th, and so many things have happened. Not all were fun, although, often times the silver linings in life's little storm clouds, are the things that matter most. I can be thankful, that most of my "storm clouds" have had a silver lining.


 I thank GOD for my country and it's core values in which it was founded upon, and especially those who strive to keep us free.


 I am truly thankful to the Service men and women that serve our country. With family, and close friends in harms way, it's difficult for me to say that I understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Especially over there, wherever "there" may be. To all those who serve, and have served, my heartfelt and sincere thanks!


 I am thankful there is a place where I can go, and become the person I hope to be. A place of beauty that knows no bounds. Of education, sports, and most importantly family. The Auburn family, now has some of my family's blood in the student section. I could not be more proud of their accomplishments thus far, and their efforts to obtain a degree from Auburn.

 When did I fall in love with Auburn? It was a long time ago. I had a head full of hair then. I still love her, and I am very thankful for her.

Space Age Technology.....

I know what you are thinking, "KoolBell, have you lost your mind?" Be patient with me here, I'll explain. This week on one of my favorite sites not named TET, I read where some Auburn professors, along with a PH. D. Graduate developed the technology to imbed our highways, and many other items with cyber-antennae to provide Wi-Fi and other services to us as we travel.

My first thought was, Auto Pilot for my car. I would be so thankful for that.

Auburn Soccer...

In case you didn't notice, the Auburn Soccer team is into the second round of the NCAA tournament. Today the AU Ladies will face off against Maryland at 2:30 pm, and if they win, will compete in the  "Sweet 16" for the first time ever, and will go against the winner of the match between Oklahoma State, and Illinois.

Led by top scorer Katy Frierson, a senior, Auburn has nine players in double figures in scoring this season.

Actual American football stuff after the jump...

 Gus Malzahn...

 I understand the mentioning of Gus Malzahn as a head coaching prospect in the actual season is not a particularly easy thing to talk about, but this week it has much more weight to it.

 The University of North Carolina has a huge advantage in gaining Malzahn's attention as a future employer. Bubba Cunningham, is the Athletic Director for the Tar Heels now, after coming over from Tulsa. Here is what the UNC site has listed....

Cunningham is in his 10th year as a Division I director of athletics. In addition to his tenure at Tulsa, he was the AD for three years from 2002-2005 at Ball State University.

 Cunningham was instrumental in hiring Gus away from Arkansas, and bringing him to Tulsa. Look for Gus to be VERY interested in what UNC has to offer.

 You might also want to keep an eye on Rhett Lashlee of Samford. Many think he will be a favorite to replace Malzahn at Auburn. I do not believe that will be the case. I see Lashlee going to UNC with Malzahn, as his Offensive Coordinator, which would do two things instantly for Malzahn. It would provide him with someone who has a working knowledge of his offense, not to mention someone Malzahn can trust. That would allow Gus to freely go about his head coaching duties.


Last weeks loss was an embarrassment to the players and coaches alike. Read what Defensive Line Coach Mike Pelton said earlier this week.

"It happens to the best of us," Pelton said. "I remember we went down to Ole Miss and they beat us like 52-17 (actually 45-21). You just go back to the drawing board. We have talent here and those kids will respond. They are the right type kids. They are embarrassed like we are as coaches. They will respond."

I look for an inspired Auburn team to take out their frustrations on Samford. The reserves will get to play late in the third quarter, and finish the game.

 Comment of the week...

 This was a very difficult week for fans, coaches, and players alike. Very few good things come from a complete and total dismantling like the one we just experienced. Now you understand, why I say "we", when I am talking about Auburn.

 This weeks pick is from Todd92. He essentially states what every great coach from Vince Lombardi to Pat Dye has said....

I disagree on the QB being the issue with the offense.......

but I think you are close to the problem……It’s the OL and I don’t care who is at QB…..if the OL can’t block then it’s gonna be a long season. We had a veteran line in both 2009 and 2010 with the only difference being a less than stellar QB in 2009 and a wunderkind at QB in 2010…….both offenses were explosive and capable (of course 2010 was stellar)….this season we have a hodgepodge OL which has been compounded by injuries and it shows. The woes on offense start and stop with the OL and that includes Trotters digression from game 1 til losing the starting job. When the run game and passing game are equally ineffective it’s going to be a long day.

Go back and read the books authored by the great coaches, to a man, they all say it starts and ends in the trenches.


Track Em Tigers...

 Track Em Tigers, or TET for short, is my inter-web home away from home. It's a wonderful place full of various characters and their varied opinions. I can not recall ever having so much fun discussing football, and other Auburn sports, at any other time in my life.

 It's because each and every one of you want to be heard, and deserve to be heard. Yet we still can agree, or disagree without personal attacks, and cheap shots, being hurled behind the pale curtain of anonymity.

 This has nothing to do with what I have to say, or what I think, it's much deeper than that. We have assembled a pretty good group of Auburn sports lovers here. That has more to do with my feelings about this special place than, me being able to post something. It's the camaraderie of those varied opinions and characters that make me proud. The fact that I can disagree with all my heart with any one of you, and still get along famously. It's the way sports should be talked about.

 For all of you, I am forever thankful.


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