6:15 PM CST Saturday....Heaven

An ode to my favortie broadcaster of all any sport.

(In voice of Larry Munson)

"Well I've only been here a few days and the BIG MAN, has already running me ragged. I told him last weekends games are what killed me....and now he's doing it to me again. First Arkansas absolutely STUNS the nation in a barnburner in death valley....Ha, I said Barn Burner....the Auburn folks remember that against LSU.....Arkansas stuns LSU 31-28 on a last second field goal after Les Miles goes for it on 4 and 15 at his own 20 with 10 seconds left. I know...its as crazy as it sounds.

Now its this game here between Auburn and the Crimson Tide. Its been a wild one. That kid that chases squirrels  ran back a kick off to start the game and somehow the Tiger defense has held those Monsters from Tuscaloosa to 17 points.

Now Get The Picture...Auburn has the ball on their 12 yard line with only :52 seconds left, down 17 to 14....they are a MILLION miles from the end zone.

The Moseley kid has been a trooper but, my god, they have beaten him and beaten him and somehow he's still standing. He sets up in the gun....Shotgun/Redgun....sorry, flashbacked to Glanvilles Falcons, for a second......snaps and drops back to pass, hits the screen to the Squirrel kid and who runs it up the right sideline for 12 beofore running out of bounds. That big safety for Alabama just came up and walloped him and now he's seeing squirrels. 

:46 seconds left at the 24. Moseley takes the snap....draw play to Dyer....Alabama sniffs it out and jumps on him before he gets those big thighs churning.....and the clock is RUNNING.....:42, :41, :40...Malzahn is calling in local air traffic on the sideline...:37, :36, :35....The refs are making dinner plans and can't get the ball on the ground.....:33, :32....finally Moseley snaps and plugs it into the turf. Chizik is absolutely  LIVID on the field, screaming for a delay on the Tide, and the referees are playing as deaf as a Mexican Mule.  ....Lorne what have you got.

"Umm Larry it looks like Coach Chizik has cursed the Head Referees mother and is threatening the line judge with violence....back to you"

Thanks Lorne. 3rd and 11 from the 23, :31 seconds left in the ball game. That Alabama crowd is ROLLING down in their part of the endzone, the stands are bouncing up and down like an army of 5 year olds outside a port-a-potty.  And the prayers are coming in a thousand a second from the Auburn folks.

Moseley in the gun and he'll  pass......throws to Carr on the sideline...CAUGHT IT....but he's still in BOUNDS!!!....LOOK AT THE CLOCK....:26,  :25, :24.....ITS 4th and 1, NO TIME OUTS for the Tigers,  and the clock keeps RUNNING!! :20, :19....Auburn doing a FIREDRILL......look at the prayers fallling from the sky!!!.......Ol Lady Luck is just SHOVELING  the dirt on Auburn ..:13, :12  Moseley is screaming the call.....:10 seconds, SNAP, Bama brings everything and Moseley heaves it to the sidelines!!!...... BLAKE with the CATCH OVER KIRKPATRICK!!! 

HE'S GOT A STEP!!  50, 45, 40!

HE'S GOTTA BEAT BARRON!!! 35,30!!...

RUN EMORY!!...25,20!!







My GOD!! Auburn wins!!

Emory Blake just stepped on their face with a HOBNAIL BOOT and broke their nose! He just crushed their face!  The Tide blitzed seven and somehow Blake got it and raced EIGHT MILES past their best defenders!!

I thought they were dead!!! You did too!!

Auburn stuns the Tide!! 20-17!! The game is over and the Auburn folks are going crazy!! They're going to roll the state with toilet paper from Huntsville to Mobile!!

Someone call the BIG MAN,  I think I broke my chair!!"


RIP Larry!!! Wish I could hear you make that call!

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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