Shiny Happy People, Read At Your Own Risk.

Here we go.  Another blowout to a quality team yesterday, you can't think CapnVegetto would be nice about it.  I've already seen more than one of the super-positive gumdrop lollipop guild people on here defending the team, defending Ted Roof, defending the coaching staff for yet another blowout, defending yet another time the team was completely uncompetitive against a quality opponent. 

I'm effing sick of it.  I've had enough.  Time for some firiings after this season.  What in the hell is it going to take for you people to face reality?  0-11?  I just read a comment from someone saying that we gave up 'ONLY' 397 yards of offense.  SERIOUSLY?  REALLY?  I am at a loss for words at that.  You REALLY find that acceptable???????  She's nice and I like her, but COME THE HELL ON!!! PLEASE!!!!

This is not going to be pretty.  The shiny happy people of TET that defend our coaches and players no matter how bad they are on a given Saturday will hate me after this.  I don't care.  What I saw yesterday was despicable.  Not by the players, but by the coaching staff, specifically the defensive coaching staff.  I am sick and tired of the piss poor performances and scheming.  What I saw yesterday made me want to puke.  The players put forth incredible effort and never quit.  The defensive staff never gave them a chance to shine.

First let's start with the positives.  There are a lot of people blaming the offense, the offensive line coach, and the playcalling, among other things.  The offensive line coach gets a pass.  The OL is young, inexperienced, and can't match up physically with the better teams in the league.  Wait, everyone will say, the defense is young and inexperienced too!  True, but the OL was good last year.  It was among the best in college football.  Coaching is not the problem there.  They are physically overmatched and undermanned.  That will change.

Malzhan is fine.  His playcalling has been suspec t this year, but I believe that is mostly due to being hamstringed by the lack of a good quarterback and lack of decent offensive play.  Offensive playcalls are set up by other successful playcalls.  For example, the play action has been non-existent this year because we can't throw the ball downfield at all.  The delay handoff is completely ineffective because teams don't respect the pass against us.  Gus has been unable all year to use one play to set up another.  We have been completely one dimensional and predictable all year because of the lack of effectiveness of the players, which starts at the OL and QB positions.  The OL will get better, QB worries me.  We have no viable option at that position right now.  Those of you that defend Mosely due to the lack of an OL should have been quieted last night.  He is TERRIBLE.  Even the short throws are bad.  I remember one play in particular to Trovon Reed where he was thrown the ball behind the line and had to turn all the way around 360 degrees to catch it and then run.  The INT he threw was beyond bad, and he had just missed a wide open Lutzenkirchen on the throw before that with PLENTY of time on one of the few plays the OL was able to pass block effectively.  Frazier threw two balls downfield, and they were both HORRIBLE.  One should have been intercepted, one was overthrown by 10 yards into double coverage.  Personally, I think it's dumb to have him throwing downfield right now.  He should be throwing bubble screens, short crossing routes, stuff to get his confidence up, but that is a whole other discussion.  I still say Frazier is the best option at QB.  The only time the offense moved at all yesterday was when he was in.

Now on to the bad.  The defense!!!  Yes, we are undermanned.  Yes, we are young.  I know this.  But I am amazed at how poorly coached and schemed our defense is, and even more amazed at how people on this site keep defending the incredibly poor performance of the defensive coaching staff, including Chizik.  Let's look at this year in a nutshell:

First, was the terrible decision to hold non-contact practices until football started.  As a result of this, conditioning was bad, toughness was bad, and tackling was even worse.  This was fixed after the first 3 or so games.  However, the primary problem that we've had since this staff showed up is horrendous pass defense.  I believe that 90% of this is due to horrible coaching.  Here is the difference between the OL and the defense:  The OL was among the best in the country last year, that proves it is not due to coaching.  The defense has gotten progressively worse every year since Roof and company have been in charge.  How can you not acknowledge this?  How can you not see it?  Last year the defense was bad, too!  With the exception of the DL, we were BAD!  We gave up tons of yards, we gave up 40+ points to Arkansas, we let Bammer and their average at best offense get up 24-0 on us!  The reason we were national champions last year was because we had probably the greatest college football QB ever, the best, most experienced OL in the country, and the most underrated receiving corps in the country.  The offense overcame the piss poor play of the defense last year.  Tell me you didn't cringe every time the opposing team dropped back to pass last year!  I sure did!

This year, the problems we had last year are magnified due to youth, inexperience, and a poor offense.  The poor coaching that the LB's and Secondary has received are compounded.  We are seeing the lack of coaching that we have first hand right now.  The poor scheming and horrendous defensive 'bend but don't break' philosophy that we saw last year have been burdened additionaly by youth, experience, and lack of conditioning.  I hated our defensive scheme last year, I hate it more this year.  We are the worst in the country on 3rd down.  Of course we are!  How in the motherf-ing hell can you expect to stop someone on 3rd and 4 when your damn DB's are playing 12 yards off on a soft zone?????  It is absolutely the dumbest thing I have EVER SEEN, and yet the CONTINUE TO DO IT, DESPITE THE AMAZING FAILURE!  It's like telling your kid to not touch the stove because it burns you, and watching him keep doing it.  I am amazed at the stupidity of our defensive staff. 

It is unclear whether the piss poor scheming is Roof's fault or Chizik's fault, but one thing is for sure:  it is time for some firings.  This defense is completely unacceptable, period.  Roof is probably going to take the blame.  He is the LB coach and defensive coordinator.  We fire him and the DB coach, hire a new coordinator, and go from there.  We have a major defensive scheme problem.  To all the people calling for continuity, PLEASE WAKE UP!  This isn't a damn union.  You don't keep incompetent people around just because they have been there a while.  That is a flawed, foolish ideal.  It's not the offense's fault, it's not the players' fault.  They do what they've been coached to do.  There is a reason for busted coverages and blowout losses:  POOR DEFENSIVE SCHEMING.  With DB's and LB's playing a soft zone on 3rd and 4, the down is going to be converted every time!!!!  Take a look at our 3rd down conversion percent and argue with me.  I am so sick of this flawed, pathetic, poorly coached, wimpy defensive scheme.  I hate it.  I despise it.  It is a monumental failure, and the coaches that believe in it are monumental failures, whoever they are. Look at the last 3 years and the decline.  The numbers don't lie.  PLEASE, PEOPLE!!!  STOP DEFENDING FAILURE!!!!!!!   I don't care if we won a national championship last year, our defense still sucked.  We are NEVER going to be competitive again with this scheme unless the NE Patriot offense decides to come to school at Auburn. 

I am sick and tired of going in to every game against a good team KNOWING we are going to lose, and lose big.  Every quality team we have played this year, we never had a chance to win.  We weren't competitive.  No, shiny happy people, South Carolina and Florida don't count.  Hell, Georgia shouldn't count either.  USC is bad, just watch them play.  We played Florida with their starting QB hurt, plus one of their two best players hurt.  On top of that, they just aren't that good this year.  It doesn't count.  We won 7 games.  That is a good thing.  I don't credit the coaches with it, though.  I credit USC and Florida being bad.  By reality, we should be 5-7 right now, with our season over.  We should have lost to Utah State, again due to poor coaching choices in the offseason.  We won that game due to them being even more undermanned than us.  They were completely gassed the entire 4th quarter, and we moved the ball at will.  You can't credit our coaches for that.  We should have lost. 

Yesterday was an example of everything that was wrong with this team, especially defensively.  The shiny happy ones are saying that we played well defensively in the second half.  Put down the crackpipe, people.  Saban was playing conservative before the 1st half was up.  The entire 2nd half, he played safe football, because he knew that our offense wouldn't move at all.  We didn't stop squat.  They held back.  Make no mistake about it, Saban could have scored 80 or 90 on us if he wanted to, same as Richt could have done last week.  If you don't see that, you don't know anything about football. 

The coaches aren't on notice anymore.  I want them fired.  I want some changes.  Chizik gets another chance.  Roof needs to go.  Thigpen needs to go.  After the season, there had better be some firings.  The defense is poor, the recruiting is poor, and the coaching is poor.  Fire them, NOW.  I am not calling for continuity.  I'm not a damn union president.  If somebody sucks and does a shitty job, I want them FIRED.  NOW.

Remember how instantly better our WR's got when we fired Greg Knox and hired Trooper Taylor?  Good coaching is the difference in college. 

After the bowl game, it's time to clean house. 

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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