My Christmas Bowl Wishlist....

It's been a long year, and it's turning out to be a long postseason.

We had our best player do something stupid. McCalebb looking at the pros? He's not ready. Not yet. Another good year and he increases his draft stock exponentially. Same thing with Lutz. Lutz is the most pro-ready player we have at this point, though. If he were to go, I wouldn't blame him. A lot of us were saying that Darvin Adams really screwed up last year by going pro and being undrafted, but in hindsight, would this year really have helped his draft stock? I say with Adams we might have won the Clemson game, but that's about the only difference I see.

It's time to think about the future, which is all we should have been doing most of the year, and the coaches and most of the fans were too short-sighted to do. This year is a wash. It's over. We have an upper mid-tier bowl game against a mediocre opponent, albeit an overacheiving mediocre opponent.

I don't give 2 flaming piles of dinosaur shit if we win the damn bowl game. Nobody here should either.

What we need the most is something to get us excited for next year. A win would be nice, but it is NOT the most important thing. What I want to see is IMPROVEMENT. I want to see Frazier at QB and him do something that gets me excited about his future at that position. Why in the hell would we start Moseley or Trotter again? What the hell is the point? They've already blown their shots. I know, the OL sucked, but a good QB would make plays regardless. It's time to see if Frazier is indeed the future, or if we need to be looking elsewhere.

I want to see improvement in the defense with Chizik calling it. I want to see something that makes me can't wait for the first snap next year. I want to see our damn secondary actually make a play on the ball, or at least play more physical.

As it stands right now, I am dreading next year. Our only saving grace will be a much easier schedule, with more of our tough opponents at home. Of course, it didn't much matter this year, did it? We got our butts blown out at home by Bammer. I can promise you, it won't matter a damn bit next year either unless this team gets WAY better.

I guess my biggest Christmas wish of all is for our coaches and our fans to remove their heads from their posteriors, stop looking 5 feet in front of their faces, and look a bit farther. We are rebuilding. It's been that way all year. Treat it as such. It is a travesty that Kiehl Frazier doesn't have more time at QB then he has now, because our short-sighted coaches could only think about winning next week, and not winning next year. The reason he hasn't developed any is because he's not getting any game time, and getting very few reps at practice. WAKE UP!!! He is either the future, or we need to look elsewhere. The problem is that after a full season, we are STILL ASKING THAT QUESTION BECAUSE FRAZIER HASN'T GOT A SHOT!!! We are no better off than we were at the beginning of the year.

Please, stop giving a crap if we win the bowl game. I don't. You shouldn't either. The only thing you should care about is seeing a reason for us to get excited next year. If we lose, but improve in losing, I'll be on here afterwards writing that shiny happy blog that you've all been waiting for.

Until then though, I'm still an asshole.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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