A Moment of Clarity

My daughter will turn sixteen next month.  For the last eleven months, with her learner's permit firmly in hand, she has driven just about everywhere we have gone.  For the year preceeding that, I spent Saturday afternoons at the high school parking lot teaching her to drive.  She is a very good driver.  I've done very well teaching her.  As a matter of fact, she probably knows the rules of the road better than I do.  However, my confidence in her abilities does not keep me from sometimes becoming white-knuckled as she changes lanes, pulls into traffic, or navigates a busy parking lot.  The reason for my reaction is very simple; she does not possess experience when it comes to driving.  She has to learn.  Perhaps the reason I'm sure  her mother and I will have many long evenings this fall and winter waiting for her to get home - inexperience can allow stupid things to happen at any time. 

Auburn has a very inexperienced football team.  The evidence of this was never more apparent this weekend at Clemson.  The inexperience also showed itself at the first two games of the season, but we found a way to win.  Experience takes time.  I have great confidence in Coach Chizik, not only because he is a good football coach, but because he is a good man.  He has assembled a good staff - one only has to look one season removed to know this is true. 

I am not as versed in football as many of the other folks on this site.  I love coming here, because I learn something from all of the back and forth, such as we have had the past several days.  But when it all comes down to it, I think you can only analyze this so far....we have an inexperience football team.  They are going to do stupid things, no matter how well they are coached. 

I am quite sure we will beat our opponent this weekend.  Next weekend, we could get destroyed by South Carolina, but I believe we could just as easily destroy them....sometimes inexperience works the other way.  I, for one, will still pick Auburn to win 42-14, like I do every week.  I believe it is possible, and I also hope it will continue to irk William Tell or whatever the hell his name is....

We need to get behind this team and these coaches.  And sure, if things do not improve, then maybe at the end of the season, Coach Chizik will need to make some hard decisions, but I trust him to know when to make those decisions.  At the end of this weekend, we will be 3-1, halfway to bowl eligibility, and probably back in the AP Top 25.  It could be a heck of lot worse, and if you listened to every pre-season analyst, it already would be.  War Damn Eagle. 

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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