Some really disturbing stuff......

Couple of small things that I heard this week that really make me scratch my head....

1.. Heard a rumor this week that players have been saying that they have NOT tackled in practice this year, at least until now.  Coaches afraid of injuries. 

This is totally unsubstantiated and might be untrue, but if it's not, it explains a lot.  And if it IS in fact  No wonder our defense is so bad.  Whose decision would that have been?

2.  This is not unsubstantiated:  Gus Malzhan said to the press this week that 'We have to figure out a way to get the ball to Dyer more."   Seriously, he said that. 

Oh my Gus.  I love you man, but really, what are you smoking?  You ran the best offense in the country last year and you are doing a good job this year with a bunch of kids that have no experience, also while losing the best football player in the country, but COME ON MAN!!!

I'll tell you how to get Dyer the ball more.  YOU FREAKING HAND IT TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's not that hard.  Pay me $1.5 million a year and I'll figure that out.  TRY KEEPING HIM IN THE DAMN GAME!!!!!  This ain't rocket surgery.  Right now he is being rotated in and out a lot with Mason and McCalebb.  Dyer is the best back we have BY FAR.  STOP PULLING HIM IN FAVOR OF THE OTHER TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I wanted to throw something at the TV last Saturday every time I saw Dyer come in, gash Clemson's defense, and move the ball.  Then he'd get pulled by Malzhan and we'd go 3 and out.  What the heck OVER?? 

Also Gus, I love you, really.  You have done great!  But you have GOT to watch the cutesy crap.  When it's 3rd and 3, stop trying to throw a 20 yard pass, or throwing a receiver screen 3 yards behind the line, or going for the home run.  Sure, you do that some, but the majority of the time, you GET THE BALL IN DYER'S HANDS AND GET THE FRICKING FIRST DOWN.  STAY ON THE DAMN FIELD.  Last year, Gus made a lot of too-cute calls like that, and Cam would bail him out when the pass wasn't there and run for the first down.  That is gone this year.  Trotter can't do that.  The offense needs to be concentrated a lot more on moving down the field, ball control, running a large number of plays, and staying on the field.  Sure, go for the home run some.  I love that about Gus.  But don't do it all the time!  If the defense is having to stay on the field 90 plays a game, of course they are going to be gassed! 

Take some advice fellas.  The personnel is different this year.  Time to adapt or die. 

You guys are a good coaching staff.  You did an amazing job last year!  But last year is OVER.  The team different.   Time to make some adjustments. 

War Eagle!!

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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