Super Fantastic Happy Sunshine Time: A Call to Arms

My fellow TET'ers I am stepping back from the proverbial ledge regarding this 2011 team. I've slung too much mud and had too many a cross word with my bretheren of The Plains. It's time for us to rejoice and recount some things we are grateful for with this team.

This is Auburn football. Not economics. Not politics. Not religion. It's Auburn football. It is why we come here and spend time lurking when we aren't supposed to at work. This is supposed to be fun. It's Auburn football /olivebranchextended


Well then what DO we have to be excited for this year? It's easy when you think about it.


How long has it been since we had a true return threat on kickoffs AND punts and they aren't the same guy? I can't remember when we had two. I know Tristan Davis was talented, but he was also very injury prone. Tre Mason and Trovon Reed I dub thee, Fire and Ice. (I couldn't think of anything better, it's too early)

Despite some forced throws and cumbersome decision making, Trotter has looked pretty good thus far. He doesn't appear as comfortable as I'd hoped, but he has been far from terrible. Now Barrett, your homework is to stop staring down receivers. Go now. 

Dyer has put on some mass it seems. So much so that he looks like midget when he's on the field because the proportions of his body are skewed.  He's like a bowling ball. He hasn't been officially given the job of the every down back by the coaches, but he passes the midget looks test.

Our young offensive line is putting up an impressive effort thus far. I have been proud of these young men for coming together and playing pretty well considering the circumstances. I'd feel a lot better if some of our other younger o-linemen could get some action, but maybe that will change this weekend. 

Jake Holland is on his way to being a man-child for us in the near future. He is sophomore, and he is having his struggles early on this year, but he's gotten smarter each time out and the kid has a motor that doesn't stop. I look forward to seeing him grow into his MLB spot and become a star on this defense. 

Cody Parkey is the Bruce Lee of kicking footballs. Or was Bruce Lee the Cody Parkey of Martial Arts? Discuss. 

Randomness: The sideline hats and visors this year are U-G-L-Y. Whoever designed them for Under Armour should have to explain it face-to-face to Lou Holtz, and then ask him to spell Mississippi, say the word Sasquatch, and then say Mississippi. All with no protective equipment. 

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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