Vicodin Diaries Volume 0

I'm baaaack. Sorry for the momentary lapse in the diaries. I just didn't have the mental fortitude to write anything after losing such a close friend whom I considered more like family. In addition, I have started back teaching as an adjunct again so that keeps me really busy too. For those of you that pray, please pray for me to finally attain a full time job somewhere at a junior college in Alabama. I'm over half way done with my fourth year as an adjunct at Southern Union State Community College and the bills are mounting up with no ability to pay them from the minute amount of money an adjunct receives. I desperately want to become a full time teacher. My evaluations from my faculty are all top notch, and my student evaluations are always very high too. For Southern Union, my history classes have 40 people in each one. I know with the massive classes at Auburn this sounds like nothing, but believe me, 40 students at a community college in one class is a lot if it's not a science class.

Anyway....Let's look at the OC issues at hand with Auburn after the Jump!

Well, it pains me post this on To all of you guys wanting Auburn to go back to the more traditional Power I and Pro Set offense, it looks like you win. Apparently, our next OC will be a more Pro-Set schematic type of coach with an emphasis on the power running game.

First off, let me say that I think it was a mistake to hire the DC before the OC. If anything, the OC needed to come before Van Gorder's hire. Don't get me wrong, I love Van Gorder and the mustache is spectacular. I'm just saying that recruiting wise we really needed an OC more because recruiting is hurt worse on that side of the ball without a coordinator.

Let's not forget, Coach Chizik was also one hell of a defensive coordinator during his time at Auburn and later at Texas. The man knows defense and recruits know that too. However, nobody seems to know what kind of scheme Auburn will be using in 2012. Considering the fact that many players either better fit a Pro Set or Spread Formation, I can see this really damaging Auburn's recruiting since the kids don't know what scheme Auburn will run next season.

Anyway, it sounds like the Pro Set will back on the Plains in September. If Auburn doesn't look great in 2012 running the Pro-Set, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work either. I readily admit an offense generally doesn't explode from the beginning though it did with Al Borges, Bobby Petrino, and Gus Malzahn. It may take time.

Folks, you do definitely seem to be conveniently picking out statistics you like when it comes to arguing against Malzahn's offense. It is strange to see the main argument against any offensive scheme being its tremendous success in the first year we saw it. I personally find that a bad philosophical argument but I suppose that's just me.

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the Pro Set. I just don't think it's all that great of a scheme. If the Pro-Set is the end all be all some claim that it is, then it should start off great and simply dominate from there. You know, the same way the so called "spread" from Malzahn worked until SEC coaches adjusted to his schemes. He didn't even run a true spread, but that's an entirely different topic for discussion.

If it doesn't look great or help the defense rest like you guys say it will, can you guys then admit the Pro Set isn't the super potion that will fix Auburn's offense immediately? I know, you guys think that the Pro Set is what our defense needs so that guys like Craig Sanders can help pitch those shutouts against SEC offenses like LSU and Alabama.

Well, those numbers are going to be really skewed anyway because Van Gorder is a waaaay better defensive coordinator than Ted Roof. I would have loved Auburn having Van Gorder as the DC in 2010 with that offense. That team would have been crushing people instead of winning those close ones at the end of the game like that.

Now, you've probably already mistaken me for somebody who simply hates the Pro-Set and Power I formations and I want to run Spread until my quarterback's arm falls off. That's actually not true at all. In fact, I love the Pro-Set Power I stuff when it's needed like 3rd and 1 or 4th and inches. I like the spread formation when the opposing defense is trying to load the box with eight guys playing up tight. That forces the defense to adjust to your offense.

You see, I don't like any one formation, I like all of them. I want an OC who can run all formations smoothly without much drop off from one scheme to the next. Malzahn's greatest weakness was that he just could not get the short yardage to keep the chains moving. In 2010, Cam Newton took care of that problem for him. When you go up against a defense like Alabama or LSU, you have to have an offense that can give you multiple looks and run all of them at least effectively.

That's what kind of offense I hope to see next season. Let's hope for all of our sakes, 2012 will feature an Auburn offense that can adapt to whatever the defense lets them have. I really think that in any other conference, Auburn's offense would be dominate in 2012.

However, Auburn competes in the SEC, the SEC-West moreover where the greatest defenses in college football compete against each other each week. The Auburn Tigers need an offense that gives them every possible advantage to be successful against vicious leviathans like LSU and Alabama. Until next time folks, War Eagle!

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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