National Championship Game

I have engaged Florida State fans on SBNation message boards and sometimes wish that I hadn't as I'm not always presenting myself or Auburn in the best light during spur of the moment responses. This is a genuine invite for all to see how I and maybe other Auburn fans view the game so that any FSU fans who read this may engage in a rational discussion. There are no Xs and Os here as other people much smarter than me break things down and analyze that sort of thing. I'm not gonna get bogged down in minutia right now. I'm here to be a fan. This is just a personal response that is too long to fit in the comments.

1. Happy to be here. It's great to be back in the national championship game. After sitting through a 3-9 year it's nice to be playing in the last game again. Nobody expected it. Even the most homer of homers were hoping for 9 or 10 wins. An SEC Championship and a spot in Pasadena would've been laughed at but things have changed rapidly this year. That makes it much sweeter. I personally hope that the BCS era ends as it began, with FSU losing to a team nobody thought would be there.

2. Never tell me the odds. Florida State has been the favorite in every game they've played this year. The last top 10 team they played was Miami, they were favored by 3 touchdowns and still covered. Saying the FSU season is impressive is putting it mildly and it doesn't mean Florida State has played a weak schedule it means they have talent and skill. Vegas makes odds for a reason. However, those reasons while valid can sometimes be wrong. Ole Miss was a 2 point favorite in Auburn. Texas A&M was a 12 point favorite over Auburn. Alabama was a 5 pt favorite over Auburn at Jordan-Hare. Auburn won all of these games. Underdogs are allowed to win on occasion.

3. ESSS EEE SEEE. The only article I have ever read at TN was the recent one where the entire SEC played Florida State. That was nice and good jab at how the nation views the SEC as a vaunted conference and not the collection of schools it is. It's also why some are using conference strength as a talking point and arguing that Auburn may win. That is dumb and good job by TN for pointing that out. But also know this, not everybody in the SEC roots for each other in spite of what may be heard. While we know the Gators will be behind us there will be many fans around the SEC rooting for Florida State. Included among them are the majority of fans of the team where a former FSU OC is now head coach. And in spite of what AJ McCarron says most of the Alabama fans won't be rooting for Auburn either. The majority of the country is counting on Florida State to put an end to the SEC streak of titles, making Auburn the first SEC team to lose in the BCS championship game (well except LSU two years ago). I care not one bit about carrying the SEC banner in the national championship game. I care only about Auburn. I was rooting against the SEC in the majority of the BCS national championship games (I did root for LSU in all their games though). I nor Auburn get a trophy if another team in conference wins it all and all it does is make recruiting against them harder.

4. Florida State is a great team. Anybody who argues against this is dumb and should be ignored. Undefeated doesn't just happen, let alone undefeated in a manner where the starters can play Hangman on the sideline during games. Jameis Winston is the best player in college football this year and is doing it as a redshirt freshman.

5. But so is Auburn. Anybody who argues against this is dumb and should be ignored. Winning 12 games doesn't just happen, let alone against multiple top 10 teams in a manner where as long as it's close in the 4th Auburn has to like its chances. Auburn has the best running attack in college football this year and is doing it as the quarterback was still learning the offense.

6. We've heard it before. Forgive Auburn fans if we're numb to the arguments as to why Florida State will utterly dominate the game as I'm sure FSU fans have heard SOS arguments too many times as well. It's just Alabama fans and others said the same things: "Yall are just lucky", "It's a one dimensional offense", "The yards were racked up against weak defenses" "Gotta have a defense to win", even the hard facts of numbers have all been used as reasons why Auburn should simply pray to keep it close. From my view point it's very similar to the Alabama game, there is no reason for Auburn to win, but they can. Even the F/+ stats that seem to be so popular indicate the same (not knocking the F/+ stats as I think Bill Connelly is a genius and everybody should buy his book Smart Football if you haven't already, it makes a great gift.) In that game, like this one, Auburn only had a 21-22% chance to win inspiring Bill C to write this:

"If these two teams played 10 times, Alabama might win about eight of the games. But Auburn only has to win once."

This isn't a 7 game World Series, a 5 game playoff, or even a Final Four where you have to win twice to win it all. Once is enough.

And yeah, he listed "Magic" as a reason. Magic is real. Magic and Mason and Marshall and McKinzy and Montravius and Malzahn are all real. Auburn fans will be confident. This is not a slight to FSU. This is just what is felt. Auburn is peaking right now. I seriously wish there wasn't a layoff and that the game was this weekend as I don't want Auburn to lose any momentum.

Auburn fans also have pride in our team, as should all Seminole fans. Thinking your team is gonna win is not dumb. Honestly with such a long layoff most of the reasons people list at this point mean nothing as many things will surely change and all that matters is what happens on January 6th. What anybody says or writes means nothing. We aren't playing. We aren't coaching. We're just along for the ride, let's enjoy it.

It's great to be an Auburn Tiger. Barn so hard. War Damn Eagle.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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