Go NOLES!! errr Tiger.....wait, where am I?

I can't tell anymore, the articles are mostly about Auburn, but all the commentary is almost exclusively from Seminoles fans? The articles on Tomahawk Nation must not be that interesting....or maybe it shut down. I wouldn't know, because I don't go to other teams websites to tell them how much they suck.

But since we DO have all these Seminole fans wandering around our site waiting to tell any Auburn fan who dares to come on the Auburn SBNation site, how deluded they are, how bad they are going to lose, how big and bad the FSU offense and defense are, and lastly how all the numbers prove this, let me say this. YOU ARE RIGHT! YOU ARE RIGHT!! YOOOOUUUU AAAAARRRRREEEE RIIIIIIIIGGGHHHHT!!!

Auburn fans ARE deluded! Jeez I wonder why? Nobody that isn't in a mental institution predicted we would be playing for the National Title this year. Most of us were cautiously optimistic that we might get to 8-4, the insane predicted 10-2. To be be SEC be playing in the BCS title game is a DREAM. We can't believe it either, so why not believe we can win??

FSU is supposed to win....BIG...they have superior talent all over the field. Of course that was also said about LSU, A&M, UGA, Bama and Mizzou. Even Ole Miss. All were favored to beat Auburn. Even gimpy UGA was a 3 pt favorite on the road. They were not SUPPOSED to win, but save for the LSU game, they did. You'll have to forgive us for not paying attention to the point spread.

The FSU offense and defense IS big and bad, nobody denies it. They are undefeated and untested (that's a good thing BTW) and yes the NUMBERS say you will win big time. Of course, those same numbers say we should be 7-5 or 8-4. Those same numbers say you should be playing Alabama.....or Ohio State....or Baylor. Numbers don't lie...they just can't tell a story. They can't tell you that Auburn has grown a heart and confidence. The numbers can't tell you that the players BELIEVE in Coach Malzahn when he told them after EVERY game how proud he was of how hard they played but that they still had a lot of hard work to and improvement to do. He said " we are going like this!!" (holding his arm out at a 60 degree angle), to signify that they weren't where they needed to be but they would keep getting better. This isn't the same team that barely beat Washington State or Mississippi State or that lost to LSU. The numbers might tell you that they are, but you would be very foolish to believe that.

What makes college football so exciting and enthralling is that you have players with NFL bodies encasing mostly adolescent brains. This combination leads to VERY unpredictable behavior. If talent meant everything the only folks playing in the BCS games would be Alabma, Texas, USC, UGA, LSU and the Florida schools. Coaching, hard work, determination and a hundred other factors are the fires that forge championship teams. If you work hard might even get lucky too.

I know everyone says that Auburn is lucky....that they CAN'T have any magic left.....they may have beaten UGA and Bama and Mizzou but they CAN'T BEAT FSU!! Why? Because everything and everyone says so!!! Only a fool would EXPECT Auburn to win. So in a world overrun by fools, why is everybody jumping on the Seminole bandwagon?

We all know that the statistics and the experts will not be on the field on January 6th. Neither will the Auburn team from September. I do not expect Auburn to win, I BELIEVE they will win. So WE GET IT, we can't substantiate with statistics why Auburn should win. We can't substantiate with statistics why Auburn won half their games.....but they did. Yet here they are, Golden Four Leaf Clover Encrusted Horseshoe lodged firmly in their colon, in Pasadena getting ready to play the Undefeated, Unchallenged, Untested Almighty Incredinoles. Seminole fan, you SHOULD hoist the crystal on Monday, on this there is NO DEBATE. Now all you have to do is go out and do it. And if you don't....I expect those of you that have felt the need to tell us how great your team is and how we didn't have a chance...well, I'm sure you will be the first to congratulate us on an Auburn victory and tell us how wrong you were.

So enjoy College and Magnolia.....and yes, you aren't playing the SEC and yes FSU is #1.

See you on the 6th.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!

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