Auburn baseball: Stats make the case against John Pawlowski

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We've run out of words, both spoken and written, on why Auburn baseball needs to make a change at head coach. Here are some relevant numbers.

The following stats show the state of the Auburn baseball program over the last three years (since the arrival of the new bats) under head coach John Pawlowski.

Avg. OB% SLG% Hits XB Hits HR Runs/Gm
2011 .296 .380 .421 596 166 39 5.8
2012 .304 .386 .432 610 167 35 5.9
2013 .275 .389 .385 508 137 31 4.9
ERA WHIP BA against Hits BB HBP K HR Saves
2011 5.09 1.60 .294 599 226 50 412 29 15
2012 3.92 1.34 .261 513 184 34 322 29 14
2013 3.40 1.31 .250 458 189 37 318 21 18
Chances Put-outs Assists Errors Errors/gm DP Fielding % SB allowed Caught Stealing
2011 2,197 1,554 572 71 1.2 43 .968 33 27
2012 2,309 1,564 661 84 1.4 52 .964 42 37
2013 2,160 1,478 616 66 1.2 50 .969 27 25
Situational records
Overall SEC (tourney seed) Non-conference Midweek SOS SEC tourney NCAA tourney
2011 29-29 14-16 (8) 15-13 6-7 15 0-2 N/A
2012 31-28 13-17 (10) 18-11 12-2 30 1-2 N/A
2013 33-23 13-17 (10) 20-6 9-3 30 0-1 ??

OK, so a few words. Yes, pitching has steadily improved under Pawlowski over the last three years, and he should get credit for that. The staff is much better now than it was in 2011. But then again, he does have a pitching background, so it would be an utter failure if the pitching didn't improve. As far as offense goes, runs per game took a big drop this season. The biggest issue under Coach P, fielding, has been awful throughout his tenure, and 2013 is no exception.

What matters most, though, is wins and losses, and specifically, winning things like regular-season conference titles, conference tournaments, regionals and super regionals. Not only has Auburn not won anything of note in the last three years, the Tigers haven't come close. It would be one thing if this was Year 3 under Pawlowski, but it's Year 5. His program is in place, and it's not getting results.

Firing Pawlowski won't mean a thing if the right replacement isn't hired, and that's a serious question mark with Jay Jacobs running the show. Auburn might squeak into a regional this year, but does anyone expect the Tigers to make noise? Even going back to 2010, when Auburn won the SEC West and hosted a regional, the Tigers haven't stepped up in postseason play. That year, they were knocked out of the SEC tourney in three games and couldn't advance out of their own regional.

It's pretty clear that as long as Coach P is the man, Auburn won't be much of a contender.

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