Undercover Barner

An open letter to the 2012 Auburn Tigers


In this special edition, the Undercover Barner wishes she could have said a few things to the Tigers of 2012.

Undercover Barner: The slow burn


This week's Undercover Barner will be the last of the season*, so things may get a little sentimental.

Loosing the Albatross


This week's Undercover Barner attempts to describe the indescribable. And fails. But she tried.

Undercover Barner: On Belief


This week's Undercover Barner believes in Auburn and loves it.

The best and worst of times


This week's Undercover Barner allows a Georgia fan to write some stuff, so that's a pretty big step toward maturity.

Undercover Barner: Georgia on my mind


This week’s Undercover Barner had every intention of just listing reasons why Georgia is the worst, but instead discusses Tennessee, LSU and Alabama first, and only says "Dwags" once. OK, maybe twice.

'Uh, he got hurt'


This week's Undercover Barner is really more of a disjointed stream of observations, due mostly to the fact that finals are approaching and I can't brain anymore.

Hogs and kisses


This week’s Undercover Barner explores the deep discomfort the Arkansas game conjures up and the effect that Bert-falling-down-dot-GIF has on mitigating those feelings.

Undercover Barner: Hooked on a feeling


This week’s Undercover Barner missed feeling feelings during football games.

Undercover Barner: Threat level Pat Dye


This week's Undercover Barner looks at how far we've come in a year. SPOILER ALERT: Pretty far.

Undercover Barner: On Roll Tiding


This week's Undercover Barner explores the taboos of coexisting with the enemy.

Undercover Barner: Bye week observations, okra


This week’s Undercover Barner tells the tale of the Fighting Okra and has some bye week observations.

Undercover Barner: Morale victory


In this week's Undercover Barner, we coin a new phrase in the everlasting war against calling losses "moral victories."

Undercover Barner: Exclamation points


In this week’s Undercover Barner, we revisit the football-induced tachycardia we all experienced this past Saturday and look forward to our Tigers’ next tall task: besting the Bayou Bengals of Red...

Baby steps


In this week's Undercover Barner, we accidentally write a love letter to Auburn's running backs and celebrate those little things that have made our 2-0 record that much sweeter.

Auburn won at football!


The Undercover Barner gets to take a hard right turn away from melancholy and officially welcome everyone back to the fun. Cheers!

Undercover Barner: Guess who's back


In the first Undercover Barner of 2013, I attempt to exorcise the 2012 demons but instead end up listing all the things I love about Auburn. I think everyone wins, except those who were expecting...

Undercover Barner: It is what it is


Football season is finally over. Never thought I'd say that.

Undercover Barner: The no-win game


In this week’s UCB, I do my best to avoid taking cheap shots at Alabama fans while still making the point that they are impossible to argue with. Also, I’m fully aware of the proper use of "you’...

Undercover Barner | Cop out


I told y'all last week I was amenable to posting YouTube videos in lieu of meaningful commentary. Just to show you I'm a lady of my word, this week's Undercover Barner is a little bit of a cop out.

Undercover Barner: Comfortably numb


I doubt you'll find an insult to hurl at us that will even have any effect. We're basically bulletproof.

Undercover Barner | Bammertags


With that fun loss to A&M, I am now reasonably certain that we are all on the same miserable page: It's bad. Really bad. I don't want to talk about it anymore bad. So let's get back to our...

Undercover Barner | Wow, We're Bad


I don't want to talk about Vandy so let's talk about how adorable I used to be.

Undercover Barner | Well, this sucks


We survived the 70s, right? So, we can survive anything. This week's Undercover Barner revisits those magical feelings only the Hogs can bring out in Auburn fans.

Undercover Barner: Bye-Week Observations


This week, I break down a few of the other matchups during Auburn's bye week with scientific exactness the likes of which this world has never seen. Actually, I don't do that at all. But I do make...

Undercover Barner | Superstition


Logic be damned, wearing that lucky underwear is vital to your team's performance.

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