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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast

Episode 70: AU Nerd joins the pod!

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Staff Picks - #11 Auburn @ Arkansas

Give it to ‘em, Gus.

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Staff Picks - College Football Week 8

Base your guesses on who we don’t pick for premium accuracy!

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Myths and Realities of the Arkansas Curse

Is this a real thing or just a spooky figment of the Auburn imagination?

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History Repeating: The Arkansas Game

20 Days to Tip-Off - Kareem Canty

Today at #20, we look back at another big game from Kareem Canty.

The Latest

Auburn Football Recruiting: Who Could Be The Next Commit?

Auburn’s last commit came a month ago, who might be the next to pull the trigger?

21 Days to Tip-Off - Andre Malone

Today, we go way back!

Auburn Bumped Back After Bye to #8 in Week 7 Fan Pulse!

WINNER WINNER! Foy Onion Wins the 2019 Survivor Pool

22 Days to Tip-Off - Mustapha Heron

A very familiar face is on our countdown at #22 today.


The Weekend that Was... Without Auburn

Thoughts on College Football Week 7

23 Days to Tip-Off - Chris Denson

Chris Denson had a huge game for Auburn in the 2014 SEC opener at Ole Miss.

Staff Picks - College Football Week 7

Auburn ain’t on, but we’ll be watching everyone else get knocked off.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

24 Days to Tip-Off - Frankie Sullivan

A career high in points for Frankie unfortunately wasn’t enough on this night in 2012.

Rootability Index, Vol. 1

How to navigate a weekend of college football through an Orange and Blue lens

25 Days to Tip-Off - Jared Harper

We’re halfway through the Tip-Off countdown!

The Official Unofficial College and Mag Survivor Pool - v3.7

26 Days to Tip-Off - Bryce Brown

At #26, we look back at freshman Bryce Brown putting on a 3-point shooting display one night in Fayetteville!

NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast

Episode 69, Dudes! James and Lydia Jones Guest Star!!!


Auburn Basketball in the Pros

New Series Alert!!!

27 Days to Tip-Off - Danjel Purifoy

Danjel Purifoy’s career high in points is 27. He’s done it twice, in back-to-back games.

Boobee Whitlow Out for 4-6 Weeks

A late knee injury suffered against Florida led to a procedure that will sideline Auburn’s top tailback.

SEC Football

28 Days to Tip-Off - Bryce Brown

It’s another Bryce Brown Appreciation Post!

Tigers Drop to #12 in FanPulse After Loss in Gainesville

About Last Last Night: #10 Florida 24, #7 Auburn 13

It’s a little late, but maybe we needed time to think.

College and Mag Pick ‘Em: How to Play and Week 6 Results

Eliminated from the Survivor Pool? Want to show how smart you are? Join the staff in our Pick ‘Em!

29 Days to Tip-Off - Kareem Canty

Today we enter the 20s in our Countdown to Tip-Off!

BOOM! Roasted!! - Tourist Edition

30 Days to Tip-Off - K.T. Harrell

20 down, 30 to go! At #30, we recap another performance from the great career of K.T. Harrell!

SNAP JUDGMENTS: #10 Florida 24, #7 Auburn 13

What does a road loss to a top ten team mean?

GAME RECAP: #10 Florida 24, #7 Auburn 13

A bad day on offense negates a wild defensive afternoon as Auburn falls for the first time.

History Repeating: The Florida Game

Game Preview and Open Thread - #7 Auburn @ #10 Florida

It’s only the biggest game of the year... again.

31 Days to Tip-Off - Danjel Purifoy

Today, we talk about a player who looks to make a big impact on this year’s Auburn team.