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Will Reggie Bush Problems Have An Impact On Auburn?

By Jay Coulter

I received an email today from one of our readers, Mark Wilson. It was a link from The Los Angeles Times that talks about the continuing problems of former USC Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush.

In case you haven’t heard, Bush is being investigated by the NCAA for receiving money and housing while playing at USC. One of the accusers now says he has proof that Bush received kickbacks.

Why do we care? Should Bush be found guilty it would likely mean that USC would have to forfeit it wins during the 2004 season – a year in which they won the national championship and Auburn was denied a shot at the title.

The question then becomes who is the national champion? Would it be Oklahoma or Auburn? Both could stake a claim. Would the BCS be forced to name a new champion? Or would they just let things be?

There is no precedent for this situation. Teams have been stripped of conference championships, but never national titles. Conference titles are cut and dry – you have a declared winner each year. The polls are a different story.

Keep your eye on this developing story. Things are going to get real interesting.