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Tuberville Says No To Lincoln Financial Sports

By Jay Coulter

Strike up the band for Tommy Tuberville. After playing two Lincoln Financial games already this year, Tuberville said no to the network for the Ole Miss game. The LF games start at 11:30 a.m. CT and rob fans of their pregame tailgate.

Auburn officials said no more.

Instead, Auburn will kickoff at 5:00 p.m. CT and the game will be available on pay-per-view.

"We have one of the greatest game day atmospheres in college football," said Tuberville. "After a two-game road trip, we will look forward to returning to Jordan-Hare Stadium for our first evening game at home in over a month. I know that our players will be excited, and certainly think our fans will be also."

If you are looking for some information on LSU, there are a couple of good web sites that you might visit. The first one is And The Valley Shook (I wonder where that name comes from?). It’s an excellent site to get all your Purple Tiger news. Here are a few more...

Geaux Tuscaloosa

Offensive coordinator Al Borges made an interesting comment on how he ran his offense against Arkansas. This from Phillip Marshall...

Borges said his play-calling got more conservative after he realized that Arkansas was going to have a very difficult time with Auburn's defense. What he didn't count was two missed field goals and a fumble at the Arkansas 6.

"You have to play a little bit to how your defense is playing," Borges said. "But at the same time, you don't want to be so conservative you give them a chance. They did finally score. What you do is you try to keep a lot of the cute plays out of your offense at that point."

It’s hard to argue with success, but I’m not sure I like going the conservative route when a touchdown will still beat you. You have to wonder if that kind of play calling had an effect on the Tigers going 1 for 13 on third downs.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Auburn can push the issue and demand to wear their white uniforms this weekend in Baton Rouge. As you probably know, LSU always wears white at home. Many fans want the Tigers to wear white because of the success they’ve had in the road uniforms.

The rules have recently changed regarding the choice of uniforms at home. In the past, the visiting school had to agree to wear its home uniforms when visiting Tiger Stadium.

Now, it’s the choice of the home team as to what uniforms to wear. The only stipulation is that the home team must notify the visiting opponent prior to the start of the season. With that said, Auburn will be in the home blue Saturday night.