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It's Great To Be An Auburn Tiger!

By Jay Coulter

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, now this...

The clock finally strikes midnight for Tommy Tuberville’s cardiac kids. But what a ride they have taken us on. Auburn’s 30-24 loss to LSU early this morning is perhaps one of the ten greatest finishes in SEC history.

Unfortunately for Auburn, they ended up on the wrong end of history. LSU wins on what is without question, the most idiotic play call in the modern era of college football. This morning, Les Miles is a state hero.

But how close was he to becoming the most maligned figure in Louisiana state history? That’s the way things go in the SEC. It’s how you finish. Auburn has ridden that good train for nearly a month. All good things must come to an end.

LSU played like champions Saturday. They proved they belong at the table when picking a national champion. Winners make big plays.

Auburn should know.

These Tigers are as good as any team in the nation. When we look back on this season 20 years from now, the record books won’t show it, but this team made itself into a national power that can play with anyone.

Auburn’s defense can hold its head high. Sure it gave up some big plays. But that’s going to happen when you play on the road in the SEC. This group hung in there and gave Auburn a chance. That’s all you can ask of this unit.

Many will criticize the offense for its poor second half performance. Not me. Offensive coordinator Al Borges had the right game plan to beat LSU.

When you play the second ranked defense in the country, you’re not going to put up 500 yards of offense. LSU made adjustments in the second half and they worked.

But what can you say about how the Tigers responded when the game was on the line?

You could look in the eyes of the Auburn offense and see that they were going to score at the end. Brandon Cox and his ever improving group of receivers stepped up when it mattered.

And what can you say about Brad Lester? How many times did he come up big? There’s a lot to feel good about tonight – even though it still hurts so bad.

Auburn will likely not play for an SEC Championship this season or figure into the SEC West race. LSU now must lose two more games for Auburn to sneak in.

But I don’t care. And I hope you don’t care. This Auburn team is special. It’s been like watching a child grow up. We should all be proud of this Auburn team.

I can’t wait until next week. I hate Ole Miss and look forward to getting them on the Plains.

I’m looking forward to the next five weeks.

If Auburn continues to improve like they have over the last month, what can we expect on November 24th?

Keep your eye on the prize.

War Eagle!