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There's Still Much To Play For This Season

By Jay Coulter

We started yesterday’s post with a comment by Tommy Tuberville on the trouble the team was having putting the LSU loss behind them. You can certainly understand it taking an extra day or so to get past that one.

By now it’s a safe bet that Tuberville has gotten his team over the hump. A couple of physical, hard hitting practices have a way of moving kids on.

As fans, we should do the same – minus the hard hitting.

I believe all fans have struggled some this week with the loss. You can woulda, coulda, shoulda yourself to death. The second ESPN shows highlights from Saturday, I change the channel. I can’t bring myself to watch.

But we don’t play the game; the players do. They’ve moved on and we should follow suit.

It’s hard to believe after all Auburn has been through, this team has a reasonable chance of winning 10 games this season. We all would have been ecstatic in August if someone had told us the Tigers would win two out of three against Florida, Arkansas and LSU.

The heartburn lies in what took place in September, not now. With that said, Auburn people should be excited about the next five weeks.

An Auburn win over Ole Miss will likely turn the heat up more on Rebels coach Ed Orgeron. Another coaching change in Oxford can pay huge dividends down the road for Auburn in the SEC West.

The Tigers have already contributed to the demise of Houston Nutt at Arkansas. He likely will not return for another season in Fayetteville. Again, that does nothing but help Auburn.

It goes without saying that Amen Corner means everything for the Tigers. Not only are bragging rights on the line, the games means everything for recruiting.

Georgia is a team that’s once again struggling. Mark Richt was able to right the ship last year with a win at Auburn. It’s important that it not happen again. How sweet will it be to go to Athens and win?

And what about Alabama? It’s amazing how a win over a pretty bad Tennessee team can energize the media in the state. Give Bama credit, they played an excellent game Saturday.

But despite what Paul Finebaum and the other Tide lackey’s say, had Auburn faced Alabama on Saturday, the Tigers would have won by two touchdowns. This Alabama team is improved, but so is Auburn’s.

I don’t think last year’s Auburn team could handle this year’s group at this point in the season. Take September out of the mix and this team is one of the best in the last ten years. Auburn will show up to play at Amen Corner.

As fans, we need to make sure we are there with them. Holding up that sixth finger is something to look forward to in a year that’s been most unusual.