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Spencer Tillman Is A Joke...

By Jay Coulter

Sorry for the two day layoff. I've been pulling some long days at the office and the news is rather slow during homecoming week. I'll try to pick it up the rest of the week...

Kudos to Phillip Marshall of Tracking The Tigers who called out CBS studio host Spencer Tillman for his idiotic comments made on CBS Sportsline this week concerning Tommy Tuberville and his possible move to Texas A&M.

Rather than tell you the story myself, I'll share with you Phillip's post in its entirety...

Spreading rumors about possible coaching changes are one thing, but this is ridiculous. CBS college football analyst Spencer Tillman wrote the following Tuesday for CBS Sportsline:

"Coach Dennis Franchione at Texas A&M is counting the days. Tommy Tuberville, who is a constant winner at Auburn, could be in line at either Texas A&M or LSU. LSU fans that still harbor distain for Tuberville might be wise to consider his 5-2 record against Alabama. And, we all know how important that game will become for the foreseeable future. Tuberville still has a house near College Station and was an assistant at LSU."

Ah, where to start.

  • Tuberville is 6-2 against Alabama, not 5-2.
  • Tuberville, who coached for one season at Texas A&M 13 years ago, has never mentioned owning a house near College Station. Even if he did, my guess is he wouldn't want to live in the same house in which he lived in 1994 on an assistant coach's salary.
  • This one is obvious. Tuberville has never been an assistant at LSU.

And Tillman is supposed to be a college football expert for a major operation like CBS? Truly unbelievable.

Well said Phillip. This is what happens when you take former players and make them journalist. Talking about football on the air for three hours is one thing. Writing a weekly column is something quite different.

On a related note, Spencer has always creeped me out with all the make-up he wears on television. Tillman now joins Lou Holtz on our list of television idiots.