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Iron Bowl Pushed To Evening Start

By Jay Coulter

Here’s a sure sign your season hasn’t gone as planned: CBS passed on the Iron Bowl in favor of Tennessee at Kentucky. Who could have predicted that in August? The Alabama game will be televised by ESPN and will start at 7 p.m. Central on November 24th.

The Tigers are 3-1 on the World Wide Leader this year. It’s likely that both teams will enter the contest with identical 7-4 records. Can you blame CBS?

Tommy Tuberville seemed agitated when asked after the Georgia game whether or not talk of his possible move to Texas A&M had an effect on the outcome.

"It wasn't a distraction last week and it won't be this week," Tuberville said. "The players don't talk about it. The coaches haven't talked about it. That's all media talk. Our coaches and players could care less what the media thinks. That's their own agenda. It's not ours."

I guess that begs the question, then what was the problem?

There’s a new blog that cranked up over the weekend that is run by a couple of Auburn brothers. I want to give it a plug because it looks like a real winner.

Chris and Steven Register have started College Sports Happy It’s a blog that covers all of college football and of course, Auburn. Check it out and bookmark it.

I had a chance last week to listen to Mark Murphy of Inside the Auburn Tigers speak at the Columbus (GA) Auburn Club meeting. First off, the guy is an Auburn encyclopedia. His knowledge of Auburn athletics is unbelievable.

He told me a hilarious story that I want to share with you. The producer from The Paul Finebaum Show recently called him and asked him to be a guest. Murphy politely declined.

The producer continued to press Murphy saying, "this is the most popular radio show in the state and we’re giving you a chance to be on."

To which Murphy replied: "Jerry Springer is the most popular television talk show in the country and I’m not planning on being a guest there either."


Bowl talk should start heating up this week. Where Auburn will land is anyone’s guess. CBS projects the Tigers will play Missouri in the Cotton Bowl on January 1st. Don’t everyone rush out and buy tickets all at once.

I think that prediction is way off. First off, neither Auburn nor the Cotton Bowl wants a return visit for the Tigers this quickly. Talk about a real snore. You just thought last year’s Nebraska contest was boring.

Personally, I hope Auburn lands in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. I love that game. If you’re not headed to Florida on New Year’s or playing in a BCS game, I’d just assume face off against the ACC in Atlanta. Let’s hope they take a look at Auburn.