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Auburn, Tuberville Agree On New Seven Year Contract

Charles Goldberg of the Birmingham News is reporting tonight that Auburn and Tommy Tuberville have reached an agreement on a new seven-year contract. Here’s what Goldberg had to say on his blog...

Auburn University and Tommy Tuberville agreed in principle Tuesday to extend his contract to seven years, said a source familiar with negotiations between the school and the football coach.

Tuberville met with Athletics Director Jay Jacobs for much of Tuesday to discuss a variety of football-related issues. Tuberville and Jacobs are scheduled to meet again Wednesday.

Tuberville is currently in the third season of a seven-year contract that went in effect before the 2005 season.

Jacobs will make recommendations about Tuberville's contract, and other football matters, to university President Jay Gogue, who has final approval on all of the negotiations.

More details on this story will be in Wednesday's Birmingham News.