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Bromberg's Added To Auburn Fans "Do Not Shop List"

Jay Coulter

Have you heard about the Bromberg’s ad that ran over the weekend and was critical of Auburn fans? Undoubtedly, if you live in the Birmingham area, you know about this story.

Frank Bromberg, an Alabama graduate and the owner of the state’s oldest jeweler ran this ad in the Birmingham area...

"Whoever said love conquers all' obviously wasn't in love with a Cow College grad. But even though her grandma was the state tobacky-spittin' champ and she can burp out every bar of War Eagle, your world revolves around her. So turn her thoughts from blue and orange to wedding white with the perfect engagement ring from Bromberg's."

Now I’m sure Mr. Bromberg is upset about getting his ass whipped for the sixth consecutive year, but how stupid can you be?

Seriously, what was going through this guy's head when he made the decision to run this ad? He's now alienated half his customer base right here at Christmas.

And we all thought Nick Saban had lost his mind last week with the comments comparing an Alabama loss to September 11th and Pearl Harbor. Bromberg makes Saban look like the sanest person in North Alabama.

Hopefully, if you live in the Birmingham area, you’ve already made the decision to never shop at Bromberg’s again. Show this jeweler how much a "cow college" can cost him. Spread the word around the Auburn Nation about this ad and encourage everyone to shop elsewhere.
Rumors circulating around the internet today suggest that ten Alabama players quit the team on Monday. Whether or not they actually quit or just stormed out of a team meeting has not been confirmed.

We do know this: There are big problems in T-Town. Several Alabama message boards have been taking down posts detailing the incident. One even warned Alabama fans that they would be banned if they continued to write about it.

We’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

Washington Post columnist and best selling author, John Feinstein is grabbing headlines today over comments he made about Nick Saban in Tuesday’s paper.

Feinstein called Saban, "one of the worst people in all of sports."

He was referencing the remarks that Saban made last week comparing Alabama’s loss to Louisiana-Monroe to the events of September 11th.

He went on say that after failing miserably with the Miami Dolphins that Saban was "clearly someone who was meant to coach at the college level where tyrants are applauded as long as they win."


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