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Tuberville and Jacobs Don’t Meet As Planned

By Jay Coulter

The Tommy Tuberville watch reached a fever pitch on Wednesday when word got out that the scheduled meeting with athletic director Jay Jacobs was cancelled. There’s been no explanation given on why the meeting was called off.

However, athletic department sources say there’s nothing to be concerned about. One source told me that Tuberville has basically gotten the green light on everything he’s asked for from Jacobs.

To expect an agreement to be announced in the first two days of discussions is unreasonable. It could be another week before an official announcement comes. Tuberville is leaving on a hunting trip today, but work will continue on the new contract.

According to school president Jay Gogue, Auburn has until Saturday to present a new contract offer.  Speaking to the Birmingham Rotary Club on Wednesday, Gouge said things are moving along smoothly.

"I know my meeting with Tommy went very well and the meeting Jay and Tommy had also went very well," Gogue said. "We're looking at issues like extending the contract. I think we have until Saturday to make whatever changes in the contract might be made and after that I think Tommy has until the end of December to look the contract over."

Several web sites are reporting this morning that Arkansas has been told by Tuberville representatives that he’s staying at Auburn.

Charles Goldberg of The Birmingham News reported last night that both parties had reached an agreement on a seven-year extension. That still appears to be the case. But neither side is ready to make it official yet.

It looks like Arkansas has now set its sights on North Carolina coach Butch Davis. The former Cleveland Browns and Miami Hurricanes head coach is a 1974 Arkansas graduate and played under Frank Broyles.

For the last few weeks I’ve been getting an email from the Chick-Fil-A Bowl with a link to a blog by Leeman Bennett, the former Atlanta Falcons coach and a bowl representative for the Atlanta game.  Here’s what he said about a possible Auburn invitation...

"Coming off of a sixth straight win against Alabama, the Tigers look like a great option for us right now. Depending on how things go in the SEC championship game, Auburn, with a #24 national ranking, could be headed to Dallas, Tampa or here to Atlanta for the first time since 2001. A Tennessee upset of LSU makes them less likely for us, but if the Bayou Bengals fall, Auburn is high on our list."

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