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Tuberville Surprised By Reports

Phillip Marshall of The Huntsville Times managed to track down Tommy Tuberville and his entourage today in Arkansas.

The good news: Apparently, Tuberville was as shocked as the rest of us were to the reports that he would become the next coach at Arkansas.

Let's hope this is the truth.

Here's the story from Marshall...

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville was sitting on a deer stand in rural Arkansas early this morning. Cell phones, of course, work even in deer stands if they're not too far out in the sticks.

Tuberville, who will be back in Auburn around lunchtime today, said he was incredulous when he learned after emerging from the woods Thursday night of the reports flooding out of Arkansas that he was on the verge of agreeing to become the Razorbacks' coach.

Tuberville didn't want to be quoted, but he had some strong words for those responsible for those reports. Neither he nor his agent, Jimmy Sexton, Tuberville said, has had any contact at all with Arkansas officials about the job vacated by Houston Nutt.

By the way, he and assistants Eddie Gran and Steve Ensminger were planning to hunt ducks but ended up hunting deer. Gran bagged a deer. The other two have struck out so far.