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Cox Still Has Some Gas Left In The Tank

By Jay Coulter

If you are reading this today, I hope you are doing it from home. I’m sure that upwards of 70 percent of our readers are taking the day off with Christmas just a few days away. If you haven’t done your shopping let me be the first to tell you – you’re screwed!

With that, we’ll move on to some Auburn football.

Brandon Cox must feel like a forgotten man these days. With new offensive coordinator Tony Franklin on the scene, Cox has gotten very little attention from the new boss.

"It's tough for me because I am a technician for details, and I am extremely hard on quarterbacks," Franklin said. "I tend to be harder on them than anybody on the team. You can't change somebody in two weeks. The other guys have started already. I've told them -- when I'm ripping you and I didn't rip (Cox), there's a reason. He's done his time and he's ready to get out."

But just because he hasn’t gotten a lot of love from Franklin, doesn’t mean he’s still not important. Those expecting Auburn to come out against Clemson in a no huddle, spread offense will be disappointed.

This is still Brandon Cox’s offense. And you can bet Auburn will have more than a few wrinkles built around the senior from Trussville.

While Franklin is looking to next year, Tommy Tuberville knows how important this year is for Auburn. A loss to Clemson would mean that Auburn finishes the year outside the top 25. A win likely moves them into the top 20.

Tuberville carries a 5-3 bowl record as a head coach into the New Year’s Eve game. Coaches and fans still haven’t forgotten the Capital One Bowl debacle of two years ago. It was a miserable off season and one that coaches and fans hope not to repeat.

When it comes to voting in the Pontiac Game Changing Performance of the Year contest, Auburn has few rivals. Once again Tiger fans are voting like crazy for Auburn.

Wes Byrum’s game winning kick against Florida on September 29th is one of four plays that is now a finalist for the yearly award. The list was narrowed this week from 13 plays to four.

You’ll remember that Auburn won the contest last season for its blocked punt and touchdown against Florida. You can continue to vote daily by clicking here.

We have an update on the Terry Bowden saga at West Virginia. As we talked earlier this week, Bowden has made a full court press for the Mountaineer job. On Thursday it appeared that he had come up short.

Media reports said West Virginia was ready to name Florida assistant Doc Holliday as its new coach.

Just like all children that never grow up, Terry picked up the phone and called Daddy – and boy did things change in a hurry. Daddy Bowden quickly got in touch with the governor of West Virginia and the breaks were put on the Holliday express.

Now it seems that Terry is going to get his interview and maybe a shot at the job. And we thought the Atlanta Falcons had problems.

I know a lot of you will be checking out this weekend for your Christmas festivities. I want to thank you for your support this season.  I appreciate you letting me be a small part of your day.  I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!