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Tuberville Gets Deal Done

By Jay Coulter

The long national nightmare is over. I don’t mean to go Nick Saban on you; but mercifully, the Tommy Tuberville contract negotiations are over.

Tuberville agreed to a contract extension on Tuesday night that will ensure his kids have clothes and a roof over their heads for the next six years.

Athletic Director Jay Jacobs flew into New York today and quickly went into negotiations with Tuberville that lead to the deal.

How does it look?

It looks strikingly similar to the deal that was offered to Tuberville last week in Auburn. Here are the particulars:

The extension brings the current contract to six years and guarantees a $200,000 a year raise for the life of the agreement. Not bad money if you can get it.

The buyout will remain at $6 million for 2008 and then drop to $5 million for 2009. During the final four years of the deal, the buyout will drop to $4 million. This is a two way buyout that puts both parties on the hook should either wish to terminate the deal early.

Tuberville was all smiles as he headed to the National Football Foundation Dinner.

"We love it here and it’s a great place," Tuberville said. "People want us here and we want to be here. We love it. That’s really what makes it great."

Tuberville did his best to downplay the controversy that has surrounded him the last week.

"We just had not had a chance to get together," Tuberville says. "He (Jacobs) has been out of town and I have been out of town. Jay got here today and we talked things through.

"I had a contract. This is a two-year extension. I wanted to make sure everyone was satisfied with what we were doing. They were. They are excited as I am."

Look for the spotlight to now focus on coordinators’ Will Muschamp and Al Borges.

Muschamp is a hot name in coaching circles and is getting a serious look by Georgia Tech and Southern Miss.

Questions around Borges will center on whether or not he’s retained for a fifth season on the Plains. He’s seen his offensive production drop the last couple of years.

Auburn is bringing back a lot of talent next season on offense. It will be interesting to see how Tuberville decides to handle it.