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Welcome To Track'em Tigers

Welcome to Track’em Tigers. I’m glad you found us. Yes, we’ve moved again.  But this time it’s for good. I promised many of you after I left AOL Sports that I’d return to Football Saturday In the South this season.  That was certainly my plan – until opportunity knocked.

A month or so ago, I received a call from Peter Bean who heads up college football for SB and is publisher of the incredibly insightful and entertaining Burnt Orange Peter oversees a college football blogging network of more than 30 schools. He offered me the opportunity to bring FSITS to the network of SB Nation sites.

In the blogging world, that’s akin to being called up by the New York Yankees. Without hesitation, I said yes. SB Nation is the number one sports blogging network in the country.  In addition to college football, they have a team of dedicated bloggers that cover the NFL, MLB, NBA and many other sports. SB Nation writers draw more readers than anyone in the industry.

So why the name change? SB Nation requires its writers to publish year-round and to cover more than just football. That meant Football Saturday In the South no longer worked as a name. Thus, Track’em Tigers was born.

On a go forward basis, we’ll be working year-round to bring you the best Auburn coverage on the internet. That means basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring.  But we all know football is king and that’s where we’ll devote most of our time. Thanks to all my loyal readers.  I look forward to hearing your opinions this season.  Again, I welcome you to Track’em Tigers.