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It's Payday For Irons Brothers

While Friday is typically payday, my bet is that most of us have never had one like Kenny Irons had today. Internet reports tonight say that Irons has agreed to a four year, $5 million deal with the Cincinnati Bengals.

The best part is that $1.7 million is guaranteed, which means tonight Kenny is in a new income bracket.

Kenny was selected in the second round by the Bengals and joins fellow Auburn alumnus Rudi Johnson in the backfield.

David Irons also made out pretty good today, although not quite as well as brother Kenny. David agreed to a four-year $2.2 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons. A sixth round draft pick, Irons still must make the team. Most believe that won’t be a problem.

There’s no question David caught a break with the Michael Vick debacle. Imagine being a sixth round pick trying to make the team and having to go against Vick. He may be the only one benefiting from this sorry drama.