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It's Time To Play Buy, Sell or Hold... SEC Style

By Jay Coulter
With the stock market getting a lot of attention during the past week, I’d thought we’d do our own trading – college football style. It’s time to play a little Buy, Sell or Hold.  This is something that Colin Cowherd does occasionally on ESPN radio and I thought we’d bring it to the SEC.

We’ll take a look at each SEC team (The West today and the East on Tuesday) and based on where the program is, make a determination whether or not to buy, sell or hold the stock – in this case, the SEC programs.

Let us know if you agree or disagree...

Auburn – Buy – The Tigers are picked toward the bottom of the top 25 and are picked anywhere from second to third in the SEC West. The Tigers have two things working against them, schedule and an inexperienced offensive line. Those are big things to overcome, but with the recruiting classes Tommy Tuberville has put together over the past several years, Auburn has reached the reload point.  Don’t be surprised to see Auburn post another 10 win season in 2007. Call me a homer if you want.  You gotta believe.

LSU – Hold – As a stock, LSU is valued about right.  They are a blue chipper no doubt. They are generally regarded as a top 5 program heading into the season. They are expected to win early and often this year and that can be a daunting task with their schedule. The Purple Tigers talent level suggests they should be able to handle the hype.

Arkansas – Sell – Are the Razorbacks really the defending SEC West Champions? It seems like ages ago that they were the toast of the SEC with a running back named McFadden.  Since then, the program has lost its up and coming quarterback, its offensive coordinator and its legendary athletic director. Treat this team like you would 1,000 shares of World Com stock.  Run as fast as you can.

Alabama – Buy – Is Nick Saban overrated?  Sure he is.  He’s overrated and overpaid.  But that doesn’t mean he won’t improve the Crimson Tide program. It’s in shambles now. Daddy always said to buy low and sell high. Alabama is a bargain right now. Like it or not, Saban is a good football coach. He’s no Pete Carroll, but that doesn’t mean he can’t coach. Saban will get Alabama back on solid footing.  As stocks go, this is a solid buy.

Ole Miss – Sell – Did they really fire David Cutcliffe for this Orgeron clown? This has to go down as the worst personnel move since Alabama ran off Gene Stallings. Orgeron can talk tough all he wants. His team will continue to get a fist in its face every Saturday until they get rid of him.

Mississippi State – Sell – The Sylvester Croom experiment appears to be heading into its final inning. I’m not sure Lombardi could win in Starkville.  Forget about kicking Vandy out of the conference, it’s those guys in maroon that need to be shown the door. At least Vandy brings the Conference’s GPA up.