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An Update on Jason Campbell

Here's an update on Jason Campbell from Skin Patrol over at the Redskins site, Hogs We appreciate him taking the time to keep Auburn fans updated. That's the great thing about the SB Nation network. Everybody is willing to share info. We appreciate it!  Here's his post...

An MRI revealed no serious damage per the Washington Post. That's the good news, the bad being that Marcus Washington's injury is serious and I'm skeptical about whether he'll be a go for the first game of the season, although he is a manimal and perhaps has X-Men like genetic mutation that allows for accelerated healing.

The first thing I thought of when word of his injury was revealed, was that I cannot imagine a more painful bone to dislocate than an elbow, or knee. I've dislocated a thumb and it took far more than a few weeks (which is what Washington is predicting) to recover full movement. That was without the assistance of any medical professionals, admittedly and I don't want to argue too much from personal anecdote towards Washington's recovery, but elbows hurt even when they aren't dislocated.

Although they aren't my team I plan on keeping a close eye on Auburn this season given how many Redskins the school has produced. We've talked Washington and Campbell but let's not forget Carlos Rogers, who I really hope and need a big year out of in 2007.