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An Auburn Classic

By Jay Coulter

It's finally here.  After today, we can say it's game week. I hope you enjoy your last football free weekend. Make sure to get the grass cut and the garage cleaned out. For the next four months, it's college football time. It's our time.

I found this very cool You Tube clip over at Sunday Morning Quarterback. It's video from the 1942 Auburn-Georgia game played in Columbus, Georgia. You may remember that the series was played in Columbus until 1958.

That year's game featured the top-ranked Bulldogs led by future Heisman winner Frank Sinkwich taking on unranked Auburn. The Tigers stunned the Dawgs, upsetting them 27-13. Jack Meagher's Tigers finished the year 6-4-1.

Auburn is in the dark pants and shirts. Georgia is wearing the light helmets and pants. Enjoy...