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Auburn Freshmen Look Sharp In Friday Morning Practice

By Jay Coulter

I attended Friday morning's practice session and came away impressed. The morning session was strickly for freshmen and a few other inexperienced players. Tommy Tuberville was wise to let the freshmen have the first few practices to themselves. The upperclassmen practice at 4:30 p.m. CST.

Today the coaches were in pure teaching mode. They spent most of the morning teaching basic fundamentals. Hugh Nall was especially focused on technique. He called out the group on more than one occassion about the angles they used coming off the line of scrimage.

Neil Caudle and Kody Burns got most of the morning reps at quarterback.  Both looked sharp. Burns has an incredible arm. He looked in game shape. Once he learns the offense, he's going to be hard to stop. I can't remember a freshman quarterback looking this poised this early in fall practice. I know, he hasn't put the pads on yet. I'm telling you, he's the real deal.

I spent some time watching the offensive linemen and while it's hard to tell much in shorts, physically, they all looked ready to play. It's obvious from looking at them that they worked hard this summer.

Here are some pictures from the morning practice...

Neil Caudle completes a pass.
Kody Burns gets in the groove at Friday's practice.
Lee Ziemba was in fine form Friday morning.
Hugh Nall was in teaching mode with his new pupils.
Kody Burns looked sharp during the morning workout.
Contact was held to a minimum.