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Monday Morning Hangover Edition

By Jay Coulter

I do believe the sun will come up this morning, although for the record it’s still dark outside. We are now two days removed from what we’ve known for more than a week. This Auburn team is not likely to have a painting hanging over at Auburn Art anytime soon.

Here are some random thoughts as we begin another long week...

Replacing Brandon Cox at quarterback is not the answer. Not yet anyway. With road games to Gainesville, Fayetteville, Baton Rouge and Athens coming fast and furious, there’s no way Blake Field or Kodi Burns can match what Cox brings to the team.

Cox has earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt. Let’s see what he does the next couple of weeks against Mississippi State and New Mexico State. Two games don’t make the player or the team.

Mississippi State will not be a cake walk on Saturday. It’s easy to look at the LSU game and believe it’s the same old Bulldogs. State controlled the LSU offensive line in the first half. It will be another stiff test for a struggling Auburn O-line. There’s no question Auburn should win and win comfortably, but don’t put it in the win column yet.

There’s no word on who’ll be available on the defensive side of the ball this week. Tommy Tuberville said yesterday that it would be later in the week before the extent of all the injuries are sorted out. Questionable for Saturday’s game are linebackers Tray Blackmon and Merrill Johnson, safety Aairon Savage, defensive back Jonathan Wilhite and punter Ryan Shoemaker.

Shoemaker apparently dislocated his elbow while trying to make a tackle. Somebody please tell the punter and kicker to run straight off the field once the ball leaves their foot.

Saturday night’s crowd was disappointing. First off, there’s no way 82,000 people were in attendance. In the upper decks, there were entire sections that were completely empty – see section 99 for proof.

Most Auburn fans would like to see the stadium expanded, yet they can’t fill up what they’ve got. If Auburn is going to continue to grow its program, it has to sell out for games like South Florida. There’s really no excuse for the attendance.

Then again, maybe those not there were just smarter than the rest of us and saw what was coming down the road later that night.

The top 25 polls were released yesterday and not surprisingly, Auburn has dropped out of both. The Tigers got about six votes more than Appalachian State in the AP poll. I’m telling the truth. Maybe it was something of a surprise that Auburn dropped out of the Coaches Poll. Going from 13th to out is pretty severe. But I can’t say I blame the coaches.  

I hesitate to write about this because it’s going to make us look like sore losers. What the hell, I’ll do it anyway. For those of you at the game, did you get a good look at the South Florida fans?

I don’t think it’s a reach to say those are the trashiest fans to ever step foot into Jordan-Hare Stadium. Good lord, some of them looked like they hadn’t bathed since arriving in town. Most of them were in t-shirts and jean shorts and unexplainably all had beads around their necks. About half the men were wearing bull-horn hats.

Note to South Florida fans: That’s not the best look for you.