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SEC Power Poll: Week 2

By Jay Coulter

Here’s my ballot for this week’s SEC Power Poll. More than 20 writers from around the conference participate in the weekly poll. You have to be impressed with LSU – as much as I hate to admit it. At this point, a trip to Baton Rouge on October 20th is akin to getting a prostate check by King Dunlap. It’s going to hurt. Auburn falls to eighth in my poll. Unfortunately, that’s about where they stand this week.

The poll will be released later today and will be listed in the left sidebar of this site. I’d like to hear your thoughts...

1.  LSU
2.  Florida
3.  South Carolina
4.  Tennessee
5.  Arkansas
6.  Alabama
7.  Georgia
8.  Auburn
9.  Kentucky
10. Miss State
11. Ole Miss
12. Vanderbilt