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Tuberville Just Clowning Around With Sherrill

By Jay Coulter

If you didn’t know better you would think that Tommy Tuberville is taking on Jackie Sherrill’s Mississippi State Bulldogs this weekend. Despite being at Auburn nine years, it seems the feud between the two that dates back to Tuberville’s days at Ole Miss is as strong as ever.

The flames were stoked again earlier this week when Tuberville, in what appeared to be a compliment to current Bulldog coach Sylvester Croom, ignited things once more with his comments.

"Here's a guy (Croom) that came in and took over a program that was dismantled and out of control," said Tuberville. "They needed someone to bring dignity and character back to their football program, and he has done that.

"I'm proud to say I'm a friend of his. He's done it the right way," Tuberville continued.  He didn't just come in, skirt the rules and just try to throw a football team together to win. He's looking out for those young guys.

"He's doing it the right way. "It's going to take him awhile longer than three or four years. When you take over a program in the shape that one was in, it takes awhile to get things going."

When told of Tuberville’s comments by Ray Melick of The Birmingham News, Sherrill initially shrugged them off, but then had second thoughts.

"I don't respond to third party comments," said Sherrill. "If those things were an issue, Tommy never said it to me personally. It's really sad when people comment and they have no knowledge of the things they're talking about.

"I guarantee you, he wouldn't say that to me personally."  

Sherrill is a clown. Actually he loves clowns. I’m not kidding. I saw a television feature on him a few years back and he discussed his love of clowns. Quit laughing.

His office at Mississippi State was literally covered with clowns – figurines, paintings, etc. There was even a picture of him in a clown suit with full clown make-up. Please quit laughing.

I promise. I can’t make this crap up.

What does this have to do with the story? Nothing, other than it’s funny as hell and it shows you how weird Sherrill is.

These comments by Tuberville may upset Sherrill; but the truth is the truth. The NCAA followed him from Pittsburgh to Texas A&M and finally to Mississippi State.

The Bulldogs made a deal with the devil and now they are paying the price. They will continue to pay it on Saturday.

There wasn’t a whole lot going on in Auburn yesterday. The team worked out for nearly two hours. They primarily focused on special teams and the game plan for MSU.

"We had a great practice," Tuberville said. "They were running around out there, making plays. We worked a lot on the kicking game. This is an SEC week. The guys were out there having fun."

There was a Brad Lester sighting at practice Thursday. Lester attended the session. There was no word on whether or not he actually dressed out. He told reporters that he had no plans to transfer and would be back playing this season. Let’s hope so.

Here’s a quick update on the team’s injuries. It now appears that both safety Aairon Savage and linebacker Tray Blackmon will play Saturday. One thing I’ve learned is that these injury situations change by the hour at Auburn. Coaches are somewhat tight-lipped on whether somebody will play or not.

It looks like punter Ryan Shoemaker and linebacker Merrill Johnson are definitely out. Cornerback Jonathan Wilhite is doubtful, but could play if needed.

That’s about it from here. If you are headed to the game, drive carefully. You might also want to bring a poncho because there’s a decent chance of rain. Have a great weekend. War Eagle!