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Finebaum Playing A New Song

By Jay Coulter

Media Genius?
I’ve always viewed Alabama sports personality Paul Finebaum with a sense of amusement. From a business standpoint, he’s without question a genius. Now stay with me on this. Don’t leave yet.

For the better part of 25 years he’s played sports fans in this state like a fiddle. When you stop and watch from afar, it’s really a work of art. The guy knows how to draw viewers to his radio show and readers to his newspaper column.

Like a big city symphony, he plays Auburn up one year, while bringing Alabama down in the same note. When that song has played out, he writes a new one - targeting the other school. It amazes me how so many Alabamians hang on to his every word.

How can they not see it? He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

After being an accomplice in the murder of Mike Shula – he held the gun, while Shula pulled the trigger; Finebaum has now moved on to new material. This time it’s Tommy Tuberville.

I fell out laughing this morning when I read his weekly column in the Mobile Press-Register. With Nick Saban apparently safe in his job this week, he decided to question Tommy Tuberville’s job security.

Do what?

I don’t know an Auburn fan who is satisfied with this football season. In fact, I know a lot who are down right pissed. But I’ve heard very few question Tuberville’s job security.

But hey, why let reality get in the way of a good soap opera? Finebaum just throws it out there. When your primary audience is Alabama fans, this kind of journalism is money in the bank.

I would remind Paul that heading into this season Auburn is the third winningest program in the country over the past three years. They won 11 games last year, including their fifth in a row over that school in West Alabama. A Bama victory over Arkansas on Saturday night doesn’t erase that and it certainly doesn’t affect Tuberville’s status on the Plains.

All indicators point to freshman Kodi Burns getting most of the playing time against New Mexico State on Saturday. Tuberville acknowledged during his weekly press conference that both Burns and senior Brandon Cox would play against the Aggies.

As several Auburn beat writers pointed out this week, Burns seemed laid back after meeting with coaches on Sunday; while Cox appeared uptight and uncertain about his role this weekend. You can bet that Burns will see significant playing time now that it appears his redshirt has been lifted. Tuberville refused yesterday to name a starter for Saturday.

If you haven’t visited the Auburn blog, Joe Cribbs Car Wash, I encourage you to stop in. First off, it’s without question the coolest name for a blog I’ve ever seen. It’s run by Jerry Hinnen, who’s an excellent writer and a good Auburn man. I visit daily. Jerry has some good insights as well as some pretty funny stuff. Add it to your bookmarks.